Stock Up on These Phone Chargers You’ll Never Have to Replace

Anker PowerLine charger.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Anker.

Why don’t you have this yet? You keep buying the crappy alternatives at Walgreens.

Why you want this: Anker chargers top pretty much every list of charging devices and are widely preferred over even Apple’s own accessory. The off-brand chargers you snatch up at an electronics kiosk are not only short-lived but can also be dangerous for your phone. The Anker PowerLine charger is MFi certified by Apple, meaning it is guaranteed not to fry your device. Some of the product’s details, like bulletproof Kevlar fibers, seem a bit excessive for consumer electronics, but for only $9, why not get an indestructible cord?

What the experts say: The Insider Picks team at Business Insider writes: “These cables have it all: They’re fast to charge your iPhone or sync data, they’re durable, and they’re affordable.”

What the people say: They give a good charge. (“One of the first things I did was put it on a USB power meter to validate that it gives the device a full power charge and this cable does not disappoint! 1.95 Amps to an iPad, 0.95 Amps to an iPhone. There are MANY after market lightning cables that do not provide full power and most people won’t know why or be able to quantify the charging rate.”)

The deal: The Anker PowerLine Lightning charger is $9, or 25 percent off the normal price.

Anker PowerLine charger.