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Hi-Phi Nation: YOLO Apologetics

Two college buddies go naked into the Malaysian jungle with nothing but a machete, and a philosopher examines the meaning of YOLO.

Drake coined “YOLO,” short for “you only live once,” in 2011, and then later apologized for all the douchiness it subsequently engendered. But the spirit is ancient, and cross-cultural, perhaps speaking deeply to the kind of decision-making that is supposed to make for the good life. It says that risk is what makes for a good life—but is that true?

This week, we take calls from listeners about their YOLO stories. We follow two college buddies who venture into the Malaysian jungle, naked, with nothing but a machete and oodles of YouTube survivalist knowledge.

Philosopher Nick Riggle meditates on the significance of YOLO, and why maybe living twice, or an infinite number of times, makes no difference to the value we place on adventure and risk-taking. The spirit of YOLO, then, might have nothing to do with living once, but rather about living at all.

Guest voices include James Moynihan, Daniel Olifi, Nick Riggle, and many Hi-Phi Nation listeners.

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