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The “Emotional Gold Digger” Edition

The Waves on the Caster Semenya ruling, Tuca & Bertie, and “emotional gold diggers.”

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On this week’s episode of the Waves, Christina, Marcia, and Nichole are joined by Alex Barasch to discuss the ruling against Olympic runner Caster Semenya, who will now be forced to medically suppress her natural testosterone levels if she wants to compete. Together, they unpack the actual science and the biases underpinning the decadelong scrutiny of Semenya’s body and gender. Then, Netflix’s new adult cartoon Tuca & Bertie has been hailed as a feminist breakthrough for the genre—but can issues like sexual harassment and trauma really translate to neatly resolved arcs for a half-hour animated comedy? Finally, the hosts take on the viral Harper’s piece “How Men Became ‘Emotional Gold Diggers,’ ” discussing how they’ve seen this dynamic play out in their own lives—and debating whether the imbalance the story describes is as straightforward as its reception suggests.

In Slate Plus: Was the Twitter dust-up over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend sexist?

• “The Scrutiny of Caster Semenya’s Body Fits Into an Ugly Pattern” by Alex Barasch in the Washington Post
• “The Myth of Testosterone” by Katrina Karkazis and Rebecca M. Jordan-Young in the New York Times
• “How 9-Year-Old Me Learned the Folly of Coed Sports” by Christina Cauterucci in Slate
• Lisa Hanawalt’s Tuca & Bertie
• “Support the Girls” by Inkoo Kang in Slate
BoJack Horseman
• “The Fertile Mind of BoJack Horseman’s Lisa Hanawalt Hatches the Surreal Tuca & Bertie” by Chris Barton in the Los Angeles Times
• “She Draws Deeply Human Characters. They’re Just Animals.” by Amanda Hess in the New York Times
Broad City
Girls Trip
• “Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden” by Melanie Hamlett in Harper’s Bazaar
• “Male Loneliness Starts in Boyhood” by Rebecca Onion in Slate


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