Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence: The “Friend, Not Therapist” Edition

My friend makes me listen to her problems, but she never listens to mine. Help!

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This week finds Dear Prudence live on stage at the Bell House in Brooklyn. Recorded on March 13, Prudie was joined onstage by Jezebel writer Jasmine Sanders.

Together, they dig into letters about what to do when the kids you nanny are completely out of control, how to handle a friend who dumps on you but never listens to your problems, what to do with an absent-minded fiancé who makes you worry for your safety, what actions to take when you suspect you’ve been violated while under anesthesia during a medical procedure, what to do when cutting ties with an abusive uncle also leaves you estranged from other family members whom you miss, and how to decide if your surreptitious workplace recordings should be used for good or evil, or just left unheard.

Slate Plus members will hear Prudie and Sanders discuss a letter writer whose recovery from an eating disorder is hampered by a mother who constantly admonishes her appearance.

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