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Are Egalitarian Relationships Possible?

American attitudes toward work and women make them hard to achieve.

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Surveys show that more and more couples, particularly younger ones, say the ideal relationship would be egalitarian. Research shows that egalitarian couples who fairly share work and home responsibilities are happier and healthier, and they have better sex. But are egalitarian partnerships possible, especially when U.S. work culture demands all-out devotion and women still carry the load as primary caregivers and household managers? We talk to an expert who studies egalitarian couples, from an Ethiopian immigrant nurse and Uber driver who shared caregiving because he had to, to the “trailing spouse” with big dreams in a military family, to Amy Nelson, founder and CEO of the Riveter, who had to quit her job as a corporate lawyer and enlist the help of family and friends, all in an effort to reach that egalitarian ideal.

Jennifer Petriglieri, professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD, expert on egalitarian relationships, and author of the forthcoming book Couples that Work. @INSEAD
Amy Sterner Nelson, founder and CEO of the Riveter workspace for women, and her husband, Carlton Nelson, who works for Amazon in Seattle. @theriveterco
Natalia Rankine-Galloway, trailing military spouse now living in Germany.
Sam Goshu, registered nurse and Uber driver in Washington.

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