17 Spring-Cleaning Products From Shark Tank

You didn’t know you needed them until you learned of their existence.

assorted cleaning products
Spring cleaning according to Shark Tank.

The thing about most Shark Tank products is that you never really know you need them until you first learn of their existence (and, as it often goes, as you’re kicking yourself that you didn’t think of it first). That’s actually an attribute particularly well-suited to things used for tidying up because there are all these newfangled inventions to simplify the sometimes-overwhelming act of cleaning. Did you realize that you actually needed a neoprene gap filler to prevent things from falling and getting stuck between your car seats? What about a bib to catch your beard hair from falling all over the sink? Or a reusable paper towel? Shark Tank is here for all of your spring-cleaning needs, letting you know where you’ll probably need help, likely before you even realized it.

Scrub Daddy

Perhaps the world’s most famous sponge. There’s also the even newer, and equally incredible, Scrub Mommy.

Disinfecting wipes

Heavy-duty grease-and-grime wipes that were so popular with the Sharks, Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec went 50-50 on the deal.

Odor eliminator

The Sharks didn’t bite, but it’s still a super-useful, food-grade, all-purpose odor eliminator.

Car-seat-gap filler

This handy neoprene piece stuffs into that black hole of a gap between the front car seat and the center console, so no more helplessly dropping your iPhone while your searching for directions, or collecting piles of crumbs.

Reusable paper towels

Just as thin as real paper, but made out of bamboo and machine washable.

Locker organizer

Transform that messy locker into neatly organized shelves with the help of these customizable components.

Anti-clog drain

Normal-looking on the top, catches hair and gunk to prevent clogged drains on the bottom.

Water-bottle cleaner

Drop one of these biodegradable tablets into deep water bottles, let it soak, and watch as all those grimy substances you can’t quite reach wash away.

Clothing wipes

Much like a fabric-freshening spray, these wipes swipe over stanky clothes to make them smell laundry fresh. Plus, they’re much easier to just throw in a bag and carry around in case of emergencies.

Flea and tick spray

Don’t let pets bring invasive species into your home. Spray them with this flea-and-tick remover first (it can also be used on furniture and rugs, if it’s come to that).

Beard bib

Sure, it looks ridiculous, but we vote that eliminating hairy sinks is worth it.

Sock tabs

It’s the type of invention you wish you thought of first: These little plastic pieces hold socks (even thin trouser socks) together, so they won’t split and disappear in the wash.

Heavy-duty hand soap

The thing about dirt is that it absorbs chemicals, oil, grease, and toxins, while also acting as an exfoliant. So this counterintuitive soap uses dirt to clean dirt.

Vegan body wash

Developed by a husband-and-wife team of former chefs, who went from preparing dishes with flowers and herbs to transforming them into soaps and body washes.

Portable shower

Fill this with water, carry it around, and get clean anywhere. It even comes with a hot-water adapter.

Cat potty trainer

Treat your kitty, and yourself, because every cat should be dignified enough to use the toilet.