Hi-Phi Nation

The Name of God

We look at whether Christians and Muslims worship the same god.

A few days after the March 15 New Zealand mosque massacre, Dr. Thaya Ashman heard about a woman who was too afraid to come out in public in her hijab for fear of being targeted. So Ashman had the idea to invite every person in New Zealand to wear a headscarf in public. The result was quite different from what happened in America three years ago, when a woman who tried to make a similar gesture of goodwill toward Muslims incurred the wrath of evangelical Christians on social media. On this episode, Barry revisits that incident in light of the New Zealand massacre and discusses how it helped write the next chapter in a thousand-year-old controversy concerning Christianity, Islam, their shared origins, and the nature of God. We look at whether Christians and Muslims worship the same god, and what it takes to answer that question. Guest voices include Thaya Ashman, Larycia Hawkins, Michael Mangis, Karly Bothman, Paul Griffiths, and Amir Hussain.

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