Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence: The “You Gonna Eat That?” Edition

My friends and I love to splurge on expensive dinners. One can’t afford it anymore, but still wants to be invited. Help!

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Prudence is joined this week by writer Helen Rosner. She is the food correspondent for the New Yorker and a former editor at Eater, Saveur, and New York magazine.

Together, they tackle letters about what to do when a lonely neighbor treats you as if you were her grandchild, what to do when a member of your fine dining club can no longer afford to pay but insists on coming anyway, how to share your secret financial struggles with your husband, and what actions to take when your mother-in-law fat-shames you after your pregnancy. They also respond to a voicemail from a woman who discovered that a man on her disability-focused message board may be posing to get attention from women.

Slate Plus members will hear Prudie and Rosner discuss a letter writer who has conflicting feelings about a high school bully who recently died by suicide, and another letter from a woman who wants to reconnect with her ex through social media, but is being thwarted by her ex’s partner.

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Production by Phil Surkis.