Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence: The “Friendly Flakes” Edition

My co-workers are cliquey jerks.

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Prudence is joined this week by Martha Rynberg, an Oakland, California–based writer and performer. She is the principal director of the Solo Performance Workshop and is getting an online master’s degree in how to keep cats from scratching on leather furniture.

Together they tackle letters about what to do when your co-workers never show up for your important life events, how to decide whether to tell a friend that a painting in her home is racially offensive, how to tell your sister that her cooking tips are not welcome when you’re already preparing meals for her kids as a favor, how to deal with a racist cousin you only see during the holidays, how to decide if there’s enough trust to continue an otherwise supportive relationship, and what actions to take when you realize you’re ready to let go of a casual friendship.

Slate Plus members will hear Prudie and Martha discuss a letter writer who is wondering how he can discourage his younger brother from quitting his lucrative job, even though he did the same thing to start his own business.


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