Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence: The “Up for Sitting Down” Edition

I went to my holiday party after getting approved for medical leave, and now my co-workers are gossiping about it. Help!

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Facing an empty guest chair, Prudence grabs Phil Surkis, producer of the Dear Prudence podcast, takes him on a journey through Prudie’s past, and revisits a few memorable letters from 2018.

Prudie and guests Anna Luberoff, Jess Reynolds, Justine D’Souza, Baby Ange, Paola Dayanan, Myq Kaplan, and Kim Brinckerhodff take on letters about whether you should tell your boss about co-workers who are gossiping about you attending a holiday party when you’ve been away on medical leave, what to do when your husband leaves you to do all the housework for his stepkids, how to handle a boss who searches through your desk and emails, what to do when you find yourself falling in love with the co-parent of the child you’re raising, whether you should confront your friend about grabbing handfuls of expensive bulk snacks in the grocery store without paying, what to consider if you want to kidnap a dog to get it fixed, and what to do when you’ve accidentally been added to a cruel group text about you.

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Production by Phil Surkis.