If You Have This Tech Gadget, You’ll Love This Other Thing

For the techies who have everything.

Composite of various products mentioned below.

One of the most seamless — and eeriest — things about shopping on Amazon is how good it is at suggesting other things you might like. Add a Stephen King book to your cart? Why not Tana French? Just bought epsom salts? How about a candle? This season, we thought we’d replicate the “You Might Also Like” algorithm feature with a human touch. We’ve covered kitchen gifts, and now, we’re doing tech gadgets.

If They Have an Amazon Echo

Amazon Smart Plug ($25)
smart plug admittedly sounds like a boring gift, but for a person who already owns and loves their Amazon Echo, this Amazon model is a great addition. It has a simple Wi-Fi set-up and will seamlessly integrate into their system, using either their hub or the Alexa app. That means they can use Alexa voice controls to turn on any appliance that’s plugged in.

If They Have a Nintendo Switch

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! ($57)
Several of the video game designers and creatives we spoke to this year about the best gifts for gamers mentioned that they wanted this game for their Nintendo Switch. “2018 is all about the Pokémon Switch,” explained Emily Sheehan and Claire Manganiello, creative team at Mother New York. “Eevee and Pikachu are both featured, looking cute as heck.”

If They Have a New Android Phone

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Headphones – Bright Orange ($199)
These Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Headphones were one of the four best truly wireless earbuds that we tested this holiday season and are a great alternative to AirPods for those running on Android. They’ve got solid sound quality, so-called “Sports Tips” that help keep the otherwise free-floating earbuds in your ears, and they’re compatible with all devices, even Android phones.

If They Have a New iPhone

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand (10W Stand) ($70)
One of the coolest features of the newest generation of iPhones has to be wireless charging, and this Belkin wireless charging stand can be set up on the end table next to their bed or on their desk so they can continue to use their phone while it charges, no wires or dongles or lightning cables needed.

If They Have Too Many Dongles

Peak Design Tech Pouch (Black) ($60)
This handsome-yet-sturdy tech pouch from Peak Design has plenty of pockets for all the cables, external batteries, hard drives, and, yes, dongles they might need.

If They Have a Smart TV

Sonos Beam ($399)
A soundbar that’s compact enough that it won’t block the screen but powerful enough to be heard from the back of the room. Plus, this Sonos Beam is Alexa-enabled, so you can control it with your voice.

If They Have a Smart Thermostat

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link HP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier ($449)
Air-quality trackers and air purifiers have been a surprisingly popular gift this year, and this one from Dyson is both a fan and a heater — and it can be controlled via their smartphone using the Dyson app.

If They Have a Fitness Tracker

Withings/Nokia Sleep - Sleep Tracking Pad ($100)
This sleep-tracking pad is a nice complement to a fitness tracker, like a Fitbit or Apple Watch; it will track their sleep patterns even when they take their watch off at night to charge.

If They Have a Drone

Manfrotto Noreg Messenger ($150)
A stylish backpack that’ll make it easy to take their drone on the road and actually capture all of the cool things they see.

If They Have a Fancy Keyboard

Redecker Goat Hair Table Brush ($46)
This table brush is sturdy enough to brush dust or crumbs off of any keyboard yet handsome enough to display on a desk.

If They Have an Intense Gaming Setup

Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens ($9)
These blue-light-blocking glasses are Strategist best sellers, and they’re a great accessory for someone who stares at computer screens late into the night and then struggles to fall asleep.

If They Often Lose Their Tech Stuff

Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery and Tile Slim – 4-Pack ($68)
Attach the Tile to anything, like a wallet or a pocket of that aforementioned tech pouch, then use the Tile app to figure out where it might’ve walked off to.

Muse ($196)
Maybe your favorite techie is trying to cut back a bit in 2019. This biofeedback headset is designed to help them learn how to meditate by adjusting the sounds it makes to match their mindset. So the more calm you are, the calmer the weather sounds are.