Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence: The “Socializing While Sober” Edition

I want to take a break from drinking, but I’m scared I’ll lose my friends. Help!

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Prudence is joined this week by Sophie Bee, a writer, speaker, nightlife promoter, and activist. She has written about film, music, queerness, and sex work. She is an organizer with Support Ho(s)e, a Chicago and New York City–based collective advocating for sex worker rights.

Together, they tackle letters about what to do when your ex-wife tells your daughter that you are to blame for the divorce, how to handle being sober around your drinking buddies, what to do when your sister says she’ll harm herself if you continue to contact your mother, how to handle your teenage students’ lack of fact-checking, and what to do when your mother continues to contact your abusive ex-husband.

Slate Plus members will hear Prudie and Bee discuss a letter writer who is wondering what actions to take with a boss who’s implemented a “no pooping” policy, and another letter about what to do when your knowledge of who’s cheating could destroy close friendships.

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