The Best Hot Sauces You Can Buy on Amazon

According to hyperenthusiastic reviewers.

Hot sauces on shelves.

To find the very best products that no human being would have the time to try, look to the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star ratings and lots of ’em) products and choose the most convincing. You’ll find the best crowdsourced ideas whether you’re searching for comforters, bed sheets, or even Christmas trees. Below, the best hot sauces—that aren’t Tabasco or Sriracha—determined by the hard-nosed reviewers on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Hottest Hot Sauce on Amazon

Satan’s Blood Chile Extract Hot Sauce.

“This stuff is very hot: 800,000 Scoville hot! It is not intended for use like a normal hot sauce, unless you are just using it as a gag, and even then make sure anybody who eats it knows what they are in for. This stuff will make people throw up, sweat, cry, and run to the toilet in even small doses. It is really hot, especially for the non chili-head. However, if you are a chili-head, this stuff is awesome. A drop or two will heat any dish up perfectly, and you can adjust from there. It doesn’t really impart much flavor, just a whole lot of burn, which definitely isn’t for everybody [unless] you are like me and you crave that burn every meal. The bottle and packaging is just a bonus, as it is a really cool design. I leave it out on the counter and it’s a great conversation piece. Highly recommend for chili-heads and anybody who likes to seriously spice their food up.”

BUY: Satan’s Blood Chile Extract Hot Sauce
$17, Amazon

Best-Rated Hot Sauce on Amazon

Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce.

“Only have had this sauce opened for a little over 24 hours and it’s already about halfway gone—not because it’s a small amount, but because it’s so dang good! It’s not as spicy as your typical habanero sauce but still brings the heat and is loaded with great unique flavor. It’s a great everything sauce, and me and my brothers have been loving it. Will definitely buy again.”

BUY: Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce
$10, Amazon

Best Habanero Hot Sauce 

Yellowbird Habanero Sauce.

“This is the best habanero I’ve ever tasted. It’s slightly sweet, refreshingly tangy, and seriously hot. I put it on everything! But I think my favorite part about this sauce is the ingredient list. They’ve created a super clean and almost totally organic, vegetable-based hot sauce with almost no sugar added. So, if you’re into these things, I’d definitely give it a try.”

BUY: Yellowbird Habanero Sauce
$7, Amazon

Best Fruity Habanero Hot Sauce

Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce.

“I’ve been waiting to try this one for a while now and it was worth the wait. Definitely on the hotter side if you’re not into super hot sauces, but a very mellow front full of tropical fruit with light heat. As it settles, heat certainly intensifies on the back end to give it a moderate, lingering burn and light pepper in the nose. I was dubious about the banana in the ingredient list, but it’s the perfect amount to sneak in the heat. Perfect balance of fruit and vinegar with a heat profile sure to please most.”

BUY: Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce
$10, Amazon

Best Green Hot Sauce

Sauces of Wrath—Thee Tale of Two Chilies.

“Damn, this is some awesome sauce! I’ve never tasted such a balanced blend of flavors: the heat, the garlic, the lime. You can taste each element yet they come together for a refreshing taste. Eggs, chicken, chips—all taste great with this sauce. Heck, I’m pretty sure you could put this on PB&J, and it would taste great! I just got this bottle last evening and my family and I are almost halfway through the bottle. That being said—I’m gonna go buy another bottle right now.”

BUY: Sauces of Wrath—Thee Tale of Two Chilies
$12, Amazon

Best Jalapeño Hot Sauce

Arizona Gunslinger’s Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce.

“As someone who owns over 50 different kinds of hot sauces currently, I find myself going back to this particular one again and again. It’s great on tacos, gyros, burgers, and especially pizza.”

BUY: Arizona Gunslinger’s Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce
$9, Amazon

Best Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Hot Sauce.

“This sauce is fantastic. The ginger is right up front, and the peppers sneak up on you to leave a nice warm tingle that’s not too strong. There is a fruity citrus kick that pairs well with the ginger to leave a nice clean finish. I would suggest eating it with nice fatty carnitas, or just using it as a nugget sauce. It would also work nice with chicken and rice, or any other food where the citrus and ginger sweetness would pair well.”

BUY: Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Hot Sauce
$11, Amazon

Best Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce.

“I first tried Carolina Reaper hot sauce on chicken wings in North Carolina. I was floored at how good it was, so I had to find some for my home. I found this sauce by reading reviews and comparing prices. We love this sauce! It has a tremendous amount of heat, but the most amazing thing is that it isn’t so hot you can’t appreciate the flavor of the rest of the ingredients in whatever you eat it with. We actually enjoyed it so much that I bought another two bottles, one for us and one to gift. It is a really thick sauce, so you have to be careful not to pour too much.”

BUY: Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce
$12, Amazon

Best Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce

Rapture Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce.

“I just tried a couple small drops of this on a tortilla chip. Hot on top of hot! I thought that the key actor here was the Trinidad scorpion pepper. … In addition, there are other peppers: ghost pepper, habanero, Trinidad Moruga. There is a great deal of heat, but there is still some taste to this, as a result of the other ingredients. … So a really fiery hot sauce that delivers what it promises.”

BUY: Rapture Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce
$19, Amazon

Best Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Elijah’s Xtreme Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce.

“Amazing hot sauce. I normally would never eat anything with ‘ghost pepper’ in it; I feel there is a difference between heat with flavor and heat with no flavor and the accompanying senseless agony. This product would be the former. Not only does it add a nice level of heat but it does so with tremendous flavor. It actually tastes great. This is amazing mixed with your favorite ranch sauce for some spicy-ranch dip to go with chicken, fries, etc.”

BUY: Elijah’s Xtreme Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
$10, Amazon

Best Gochujang

Bibigo Gochujang Sauce.

“Oh, man. This stuff is good. I saw it in my local Wegman’s one day and decided to give it a try. It’s a mixture of salty, funky, spicy, and sweet. A little dollop goes a long way; I mix a spoonful with some soy sauce, rice wine, honey, and then marinate beef, pork, chicken, veggies, or tofu (basically, whatever I have lying around the house). Throw it all in a wok, cook ten minutes over high heat, and then instant fantastic stir-fry to serve over rice or noodles. It doesn’t replicate bulgogi exactly, but it’s truly delicious in its own right. Highly recommend for any Korean BBQ fans.”

BUY: Bibigo Gochujang Sauce
$4, Amazon

Best Mustard Hot Sauce

Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleanser Hot Sauce.

“Really tasty. As someone who likes mustard, I like that this doesn’t have an overpowering flavor like Grey Poupon. It’s a tame mustard flavor with a lot of heat. Not overwhelming and doesn’t build as much as other sauces, making it a nice addition to a brat or gyro.”

BUY: Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleanser Hot Sauce
$11, Amazon

Best Super Hot Sauce

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce.

“If regular hot sauces aren’t doing it for you, look no further. This one has some serious heat (I’m a total lifelong chili-head, and I can handle about a dime-sized drop off this per meal). On top of the immediate and pervasive burn, it also has a nice, slightly smoky, sweet flavor. Excellent sauce but handle with care.”

BUY: Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce
$11, Amazon

Best Australian Hot Sauce

S*#t the Bed Hot Sauce.

“This stuff is hot. It has a great flavor, and I keep coming back even though it hurts. The pain is somewhat of a creeper. You know it’s coming, and there’s nothing you can do. It has never caused me to shit the bed, but it is a good laxative, and you need to be prepared, should you consume enough to feel the urge. It is kind of expensive but has more flavor and heat compared to similar products. I will purchase again, although this bottle will last another year or so.”

BUY: S*#t the Bed Hot Sauce
$18, Amazon

Best Louisiana Hot Sauce

Pain is Good Batch #218 Louisiana Style Hot Sauce.

“This has topped my list as my favorite hot sauce of all time. I’m a big sucker for southern BBQ sauces, and Louisiana-style hot sauce is near the top already. This hot sauce goes above and beyond though. There’s a sweetness that blasts you right away. You can smell it even before you open the lid. I could smell the spice too, but I was really caught off guard by just how pleasantly sweet it was. And it’s blended incredibly with the spiciness. The taste lingers for a little time but I never did experience ‘pain.’ The sauce texture is fantastic for eggs and especially wings. It’s a thicker consistency than you’re used to in Louisiana sauce, but it works so well. It is by far and away my favorite sauce now.”

BUY: Pain is Good Batch #218 Louisiana Style Hot Sauce
$9, Amazon

Best California Hot Sauce

Pepper Plant Original Hot Pepper Sauce.

“I first had this wonderful concoction on a breakfast table in Carmel, California.
It is a wonderful addition to any egg dish and particularly on omelettes. Mildly spicy-hot with underlying taste of roasted peppers. I’d been buying it in Gilroy, California, for years until the store closed. This is the perfect online source, and the price is exactly the same. You won’t be disappointed.”

BUY: Pepper Plant Original Hot Pepper Sauce
$9, Amazon

Best Pepper Extract

1 Million Scoville Pepper Extract Hot Sauce.

“I don’t think I would buy a hotter extract unless I wanted to prank someone. On the other hand, it will spice up your existing hot sauces. (A little in Sriracha or chipotle makes them delicious.) Or add a couple of drops in a dish and enjoy. I transferred it to a squeeze bottle after I bought it, and it stays on your hands even after you wash them. So be warned. (Side note: Extracts are just chili oil so they can be made with any hot pepper. If you use a milder pepper it will just take more peppers to make it.)”

BUY: 1 Million Scoville Pepper Extract Hot Sauce
$18, Amazon

Best Hot Ones Hot Sauce

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce.

“I got this for my co-worker. We would watch Hot Ones on YouTube, and she would say, “I bet it isn’t really that spicy,” and, “I could do that, no problem.” So I bought her this for Christmas. FYI, it is third from the last as far as spicy goes, if you watch Hot Ones. Anyway, she was so happy when she opened it that she said she wanted to try it right away. So she opened it up and stuck her pinkie in it, just a little boop on her finger, and put it in her mouth. She immediately started coughing and choking and her eyes turned all red, and she said, through gasping, ‘Wow, it’s really hot.’ I think she liked it.”

BUY: Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce
$11, Amazon

Best Hillary Clinton-Approved Hot Sauce

Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce, Habanero Pepper.

“After I read the recommendation in Hillary Clinton’s book What Happened, I searched for a place to order it. Ordered it from Amazon. This the best-tasting hot sauce I have ever had.”

BUY: Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce, Habanero Pepper
$11, Amazon

Best Bulk Hot Sauce

Cholula Original Hot Sauce ½ Gallon.

“My friends thought I was crazy for buying half-gallon of Cholula. But it was a great investment. I consume Cholula with every meal. I got a condiment squeeze bottle, and I’m on my fifth bottle, and I still have a good amount of Cholula left. I’ve saved so much money buying it in bulk. It tastes just as good as it does in the smaller bottles.”

BUY: Cholula Original Hot Sauce ½ Gallon
$24, Amazon

Best Mexican Hot Sauce Variety Pack

El Yucateco 4 Habanero Hot Sauces Gift Pack.

“Great hot-sauce pack for beginners. Co-worker said that this built spicy tolerance slowly and he was right. Good little starter pack, everything was super flavorful. XXX gets to be pretty hot but you get used to it eventually.”

BUY: El Yucateco 4 Habanero Hot Sauces Gift Pack
$13, Amazon