Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence: The “Fun, Flirty Friends” Edition

I’m friends with a couple, and one of them keeps sending me sexy photos. Is it wrong that I enjoy them? Help!

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Prudence is joined this week by Folu Akinkuotu, an internet person who lives in Boston. She’s an obsessive home baker who is always happy to share from the endless supply of baked goods in her purse. She has a better haircut than you and has never once logged off.

Together, they tackle letters about how to tell your husband you want to return to sex work to help make ends meet, what to do after rediscovering your stepsister on social media, how to handle your husband’s gleeful response to the news of his mother’s death, what to do when your husband’s comments about your appearance leave you feeling ashamed, and what to do when you find yourself attracted to your friend’s social media pics.

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