The Waves

The “Horseplay” Edition

The Waves on the Kavanaugh allegations, obesity, and Nappily Ever After.

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On this week’s episode of the Waves, Christina, Kristen, and Veralyn unpack the Kavanaugh allegations in the context of the “boys will be boys” culture that made such acts possible and even palatable in the ’80s—and in 2018. Next, a HuffPost longread has led many to re-evaluate the science and stigma of America’s “obesity epidemic.” The hosts discuss how treating obesity as a health crisis might be creating one itself—and how a more affirming approach could change that. Finally, they weigh in on Netflix’s Nappily Ever After. Is the film’s reliance on time-honored rom-com tropes part of the fun, or do they just make its take on black womanhood feel that much more dated?


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