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Help! My Grandma Had an Ugly Photo of Our Wedding Framed. Can I Replace It?

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A less-than professional looking photo of a bridal party.
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Q. Replacing a wedding photo: We got married about 3½ years ago. We shared our wedding photographer’s picture files with our family. My grandmother-in-law misplaced the files and instead of asking for help ended up printing off two that she took at the wedding. One of them is lovely, and it’s sweet, as she took the picture. The other is of the bridal party at the ceremony. It is an OK but not great picture, and to be honest is not the most flattering one of me. I have many of this type of photo. I only visit once or twice a year when we are home. I am visiting right now and staying with them and keep walking past this picture. Is it silly to offer to print her off one of the professional pictures, or should I let it go? I don’t want to offend her regarding her picture choice.

A: It’s fine to offer her a nicer version of the photo she has already, and nicer still to offer to have it printed and framed for her. If she’s happy with the one she has, let it go. The important thing is that she has a picture of your wedding day that she enjoys. Looking at an unflattering picture of yourself on a happy day once or twice a year isn’t so bad, in the grand scheme of things.