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The “Subtweeting Your Spouse” Edition

The Waves on female sexual harassers, the Conways’ marriage, and women running (or not) for office.

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On this week’s episode of the Waves, Hanna, Noreen, and June discuss female sexual harassers. How do the gender dynamics of these cases impact the way we interpret and respond to them, and what are the consequences of the do-no-wrong glorification of #MeToo leaders when the reality is more complicated? Next, Kellyanne Conway and her (supposedly) Trump-hating husband are back in the spotlight, thanks to a wild profile of their marriage in the Washington Post. Is George Conway sincere, or is the couple just hedging its bets? Finally, Democrats are nominating more women to run for Congress than ever before—while the GOP is telling its female candidates not to run this year. Are moderate Republican women really a “dying breed”—and what might it mean for both parties if so?


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