Join the Queer Conversation With Outward: Slate’s LGBTQ Podcast

The Outward podcast logo art.

When we founded Outward five years ago this month, we set as the section’s tagline: “Expanding the LGBTQ conversation.” This was because we wanted to make something a bit different from your standard queer-news service or pop culture blog. In keeping with the larger spirit of Slate, we were after a space for lively debate and passionate argument, surprising insights and challenging thought. In a word, we were thirsty for conversation—the smart, invigorating sort that might go down in the cutest, smartest queer bar (even salon?) of your dreams.

However successful we were, though, there was always something a little off about calling a stream of articles and videos a “conversation.” Which is why I’m thrilled today to announce the launch of Outward: Slate’s LGBTQ Podcast. Finally, a venue in which we can really talk!

The podcast will sashay into your feeds monthly, with each episode riffing on a theme of interest to the queer experience—first up: Queer Roots. My co-hosts Christina Cauterucci and Brandon Tensley will join me in bringing you a range of segments, from Gabfest-style chats and interviews to signature features like Straight Studies and Gay Agenda Updates. Ideally, Outward-the-podcast will be as informative and engaging as we hope Outward-the-magazine-section has always been—only even more fun and sassy and in your ears!

We hope you like it. If so, or if not, or if you have any thoughts on topics or themes or anything else we should cover, please let us know via Twitter, Facebook, or email. We’re also looking to include a queer-advice segment in future episodes: Send those questions to!

We can’t wait to hear from you—it’s the only way to keep this great LGBTQ conversation expanding.

Subscribe to the podcast via Apple, Google, or whichever platform you use. (And if you’re so inclined, rate and review—it helps!) And find all of Outward, including our articles, videos, podcasts, and special issues, at our newly zhuzhed landing page.