Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence: The “Hots for My Cousin” Edition

My first cousin and I can’t stop flirting, and it’s more than evident that we want to have sex. Help!

Prudence is joined this week by writer, editor, and cool mom Dominique Matti. Together, they tackle letters about how much you need to tell your employer about your health problems, what to do about a casually racist co-worker, whether you should involve your child’s school after your son was threatened by the kid he bullied, if you can really consider having sex with your first cousin, and what to do when you think a co-worker is targeting a recent immigrant in a predatory scheme.


Slate Plus members will hear Prudie and Dominique discuss an additional letter about how to talk to your father after he revealed he may have been having an affair while your mother was still alive.

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