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The “Beyoncé and Her Husband” Edition

The Waves on Everything Is Love, family separation, and Cameron Esposito’s Rape Jokes.

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On this week’s episode, Christina Cauterucci, Latifa Lyles, and June Thomas discuss the new album Everything Is Love from Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Producer Veralyn Williams joins that discussion to explore the origins of the album and whether we can forgive Jay-Z for cheating on Beyoncé. Then the hosts talk about family separation at the border and the heartbreaking realities the children and parents must endure. Finally, the gabbers discuss Cameron Esposito’s comedy special Rape Jokes, which focuses on experiences of sexual assault.


Slate Plus: Is it sexist when offices lock the women’s bathroom but not the men’s?

Other items discussed on the show:


June: The Rev. William Barber on the June 9 episode of Amicus

Latifa: R. Eric Thomas’ work at Elle

Christina: Bacchae

This podcast was produced by Veralyn Williams. Our production assistant is Daniel Schroeder.

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