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“The Seduction of Sex and the City” Edition

The Waves on Bill Clinton, seduction, and Sex and the City.

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On this week’s episode, New York magazine’s Noreen Malone and Slate’s June Thomas discuss Bill Clinton’s recent reckoning with the #MeToo movement while doing publicity for his new novel co-written with James Patterson. Then, they talk about Laura Kipnis’ essay on seduction and if wooing has any place in 2018. Finally, producer Veralyn Williams joins them to discuss the legacy of Sex and the City on its 20th anniversary.

Slate Plus: Is it sexist to cut female grifters a break?

Other items discussed on the show:


Veralyn: Kehlani

June: Succession

Noreen: Three Identical Strangers

This podcast was produced by Veralyn Williams. Our production assistant is Daniel Schroeder.

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