Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence: The “Women Are Too Distracting” Edition

A man ended his close friendship with me because I’m a woman. I’m upset, but is there anything I can do? Help!

Prudence is joined this week by Jessie Lane, a social worker, mother, excellent cook, and holder of many opinions (and in this episode, holder of a baby). They tackle questions about how to deal with a co-worker who discloses others’ seemingly private suggestions for workplace improvement to the boss, how to tell your family about your sister’s boyfriend’s predatory behavior, what to do when your kid doesn’t fit in well at child care, what to say to a queer friend offended by a straight partner’s bigoted remarks, and what to do after someone ends a friendship but you still see them at group events.

In the full-length, ad-free version of the show, Slate Plus members can hear Prudie and Lane tackle an additional voicemail about what to do when your father decides to marry his high school girlfriend (whom he hasn’t even seen in 50 years) just a few months after being widowed.

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