Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence: The “Inspector Javert of Office Meatballs” Edition

My co-worker gobbles up all our communal food—can I say something without embarrassing him? Help!

Prudence is joined this week by Aria Velasquez, an audience engagement editor at Slate. First up, I’m worried my discussion with my 8-year-old about me and my husband’s sexual orientation has greatly confused her. Next, my kids blame themselves after an awful accident in which my father killed a neighbor’s dog. I think I may have found “the one,” but our interactions with another couple leave us both feeling outrageously jealous. My co-worker is taking all the communal office food—how can I speak up without hurting his feelings? And lastly, I’m giving a lot of financial support to one of my granddaughters after a terrible car accident, but some of my children and grandchildren have responded viciously to my decision, and it’s caused a major family rift—what can I do?

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