The Best Rolling Luggage on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

From carry-ons to extra-large checked bags.

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To find the very best products that no human being would have the time to try, look to the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star ratings and lots of ’em) products and choose the most convincing. You’ll find the best crowdsourced ideas whether you’re searching for comforters, bed sheets, or even Christmas trees. Below, the best rolling luggage—including both carry-ons and checked bags—determined by the hard-nosed reviewers on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best Hard-Side Carry-On Spinner with Front Pocket

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero International Carry On Expandable Spinner Trolley.

4.3 stars, 561 reviews
“Fits more than you would think! I just came back from a five-day business trip; I managed to fit nine outfits (including biz clothes), three pairs of heels, laptop, and everything else (toiletries, jewelry, etc.). I could have easily fit more if I expanded the bag. The front-pocket thing is genius. True, it is hard to fit much more than my laptop, charger, and bag of liquids in it, but I think that’s the point of it. It makes going through security much less stressful. Very lightweight, prettyyyy (I got it in the grayish-silver color), [with] four spinner wheels—exactly what I was looking for.”

BUY: Delsey Luggage Helium Aero International Carry On Expandable Spinner Trolley
$120, Amazon

Best Hard-Side Carry-On Spinner for Less Than $100

Nautica Carry On Hardside Spinner.

4.2 stars, 237 reviews
“This is an incredibly awesome travel case. It’s super lightweight, extremely sturdy, easy to maneuver, and has incredible storage space … I love the hard shell of this case; it’s awesome in the plane. We’ve used this twice already, once on a road trip and once for a cross-country business trip. This case is awesome for flying; it’s exactly within the FAA guidelines for travel, so no issues getting it onboard as a carry-on. It’s so sturdy but so lightweight that it’s a breeze getting it in and out of the overhead compartment … On our road trip, my husband and I both used the same case—one case for the two of us—and it fit ALL of our clothes for three days in it. I was so impressed!”

BUY: Nautica Carry On Hardside Spinner
$65, Amazon

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 20” 4 Wheel Upright.

4.3 stars, 1,130 reviews
“This is a great carry-on bag. It’s small enough to fit the carry-on restrictions (I flew with American Airlines and Southwest and had no problems) yet still big enough to fit a week’s worth of clothes, a pair of flip-flops, a pair of sneakers/joggers, a microfiber towel, and my toiletries in it. I packed my bag as full as I possibly could, and the zipper held strong. The wheels were a dream; they made it so easy to push along the narrow aisles on the plane. The shell of the suitcase is just as strong and durable. I would recommend this bag to anyone looking for a good-quality yet still affordable bag.”

BUY: Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 20” 4 Wheel Upright
$65, Amazon

Best Hard-Side Expandable Carry-On Luggage

Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage.

4.2 stars, 2,266 reviews
“It has a nice hard (durable!) case, cool design, and fits perfectly in carry-on spaces—both domestic and international. It even fit really well in the overhead shelf when I was on a bullet train in Japan! The swivel wheels work very well, too, making it much easier to maneuver and with less strain on my wrists when pulling. It also expands a few extra inches, if you need it to; this was handy when I decided to check-in my luggage after coming home with so many souvenirs! It’s actually my new favorite piece of luggage.”

BUY: Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage
$53, Amazon

Best Soft-Side Expandable Carry-On Spinner

Travelpro Maxlite3 International Carry-On Spinner.

4.6 stars, 287 reviews
“I do a lot of traveling for work and like to have a lightweight carry-on suitcase that I can lift easily into an overhead compartment. I have also fallen in love with the four-wheel spinners for trekking easily through airports … I treated myself to this 6.5-pound baby in blue and had the chance to test it last month on a weeklong trip. Four flights, several badly designed airports with lengthy walks, stairs up and stairs down, and I absolutely love it. Didn’t need any help lifting it overhead … but I still had no trouble fitting everything I needed for the week, including two pairs of shoes and two suits. It seems very well made, and in fact I found the handle and wheels more comfortable and easier than my [old] Samsonite. It’s my new carry-on.”

BUY: Travelpro Maxlite3 International Carry-On Spinner
$104, Amazon

Best Rolling Under-Seat Carry-On Bag

Ciao Luggage Carry On Suitcase Wheeled Airplane Weekender Under the Seat Bag.

4.5 stars, 358 reviews
“Great-quality rolling bag! Used it as under-seat carry-on in my recent trip—fit fine under United and EasyJet seats. Of course, it also fits overhead. Has plenty of room for clothes, electronics, and even two bottles of wine from the duty-free shop! Stiff sides provide a lot of protection, and a couple of zipper pockets held documents and other small items for easy reach in flight. I recommend it as a perfect weekend or second bag for long flights. I just looped the handles over my 24-inch roller-case handle and zipped through airports and hotels. The lightweight case was a breeze for my aching back as the carry-on through security … I’ll never use a shoulder-bag or backpack again.”

BUY: Ciao Luggage Carry On Suitcase Wheeled Airplane Weekender Under the Seat Bag
$58, Amazon

Best ‘Rollaboard’ Luggage

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3 22-Inch Expandable Rollaboard.

4.2 stars, 511 reviews
“It was perfect, and I packed for a week for my daughter’s wedding, minus a bag for heels and things I was bringing and leaving. It was at the max carry-on size, and we flew Delta and United. How the flight attendants were having us put bags in the overhead, the suitcase had plenty of room to spare, but [that] doesn’t mean they may choose to deny you if you have it stuffed. We had one commuter leg where it was gate-checked, but I was expecting that … I had both of my mother-of-the-bride dresses, dress for [bridal] shower, pair of dressy jeans, two pairs of running leggings, three T-shirts, two dressy tank tops, a dressy shirt, two cardigans, a sweatshirt, underwear, and makeup.”

BUY: Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3 22-Inch Expandable Rollaboard
$95, Amazon

Best Rolling Duffel Carry-On

Olympia Luggage 22” 8-Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag.

4.2 stars, 1,573 reviews
“We love this duffel bag. It is very lightweight and if not overly packed can be squished into place in the overhead compartment on planes. It is a lightweight type of nylon-poly something—easy to wipe off inside or out if it gets wet or dirty. The wheels are amazing, like riding on ice. The handle goes up and down easily, never hangs up … Highly recommend if you are looking for lightweight, easy-to-use, rolling, clean duffel bag.”

BUY: Olympia Luggage 22” 8-Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag
$36, Amazon

Best Hard-Side Checked Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Nautica Ahoy 25 Inch Hardside Spinner.

3.9 stars, 98 reviews
“I bought two of these neon-yellow suitcases to take on a monthlong trip to Asia that included China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Every airline checked these no problem (more concerned with the weight limit than size dimensions), and they were all easy to see at the baggage carousel. I can not think of a single negative thing about these and would buy again in a heartbeat. Sure, they got scuffed up, but the wheels still work fine and so does the retractable handle. A true Amazon bargain buy!”

BUY: Nautica Ahoy 25 Inch Hardside Spinner
$78, Amazon

Best Hard-Side Checked Luggage with Spinner Wheels for Less Than $100

Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS Spinner 24.

4.3 stars, 544 reviews
“I was looking for the perfect suitcase to take from NYC to South Africa in May 2015, and this was definitely it … I love everything about this piece of luggage, from the beautiful orange color to the paintbrush-strokes design to how light yet incredibly sturdy it turned out to be. After three continents, eight flights, and countless hours of travel, this held up beautifully with little to no wear and tear. Since the weather would be changing between our various locations in South Africa, I had to pack quite a variety of items, including a puffy coat (in May!). In spite of this, I actually only wound up packing half of it, leaving plenty of room for gifts and souvenirs. It expands, which is also a plus, but I never had to use that feature. It was only 23 pounds when I checked it at JFK. It was incredibly easy to wheel and very light. I’m extremely pleased with this purchase, and hope it’s with me for many more trips across the world!”

BUY: Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS Spinner 24
$90, Amazon

Best Hard-Side Expandable Checked Luggage

Delsey Helium Aero 25” Expandable Spinner Trolley.

4.4 stars, 548 reviews
“We bought these before our big family Europe trip. We bought four of them, one for each family member. They went through London, Barcelona, Rome, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam airports without a single problem! The suitcases did great. No problem with wheels or zippers. In fact, one of the reasons we picked this suitcase was because the zipper was heavy-duty. We got some scratches, but that is to be expected. Have you seen the way those guys throw these things onto the plane? … The suitcase is relatively light (which is great when you know you’ll need that weight allowance for more shoes). The wheels move really smoothly, even over streets and cobblestones. The handle never sticks. I love that it locks in the halfway position, making it easier to push through an airport. Best of all, the suitcases NEVER tipped over.”

BUY: Delsey Helium Aero 25” Expandable Spinner Trolley
$111, Amazon

Best Soft-Side Checked Luggage with Spinner Wheels for Less Than $100

AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage, Black, 25-inch.

4.3 stars, 311 reviews
“This is a nice, midsize suitcase with enough room for a trip of a week or longer. The 360-degree turning wheels make it easier to handle than my old suitcase, which is why I chose it. To be clear, this is a bag you’ll have to check—it’s larger than a carry-on. But it’s an easily manageable size. The price is right, too—I’ve long since stopped buying more expensive luggage because it gets beaten up so badly on airlines and cruise ships … The material is medium-weight, and if you pack the suitcase full, it should hold up well and keep items from being crushed. All in all, I think it is a good value for the money.”

BUY: AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage, Black, 25-inch
$60, Amazon

Best Extra-Large Checked Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley (29”).

4.3 stars, 635 reviews
“Purchased two of these for a trip to Sweden in the winter (snow jackets are big!) and these held up really well. The wheels are great: super easy to roll around even when full and survived through 30 minutes of cobblestone roads. Love the built-in lock and zippered pockets. For those worrying about the oversize limits: This was not oversize for international travel, and we used it once domestically without a problem. Since it is so large, it’s really easy to load this thing and be overweight, so I suggest buying a small hand scale—not totally accurate, but close enough to save you a lot of money on airline overage charges.”

BUY: Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley (29”)
$130, Amazon

Best Three-Piece Hard-Side Luggage Set

Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set 3 Piece Expandable Lightweight Spinner Suitcase.

3.9 stars, 1,320 reviews
“We were looking for some new luggage and decided on these for a couple of reasons: the locking mechanism for the zipper, the weight, the price, and the fact that they nest for storage. We thought that if they weren’t very good, we wouldn’t be out that much money. We love them! They are so lightweight, you can pack more stuff and still lift them. They didn’t seem very sturdy at first, but they’ve since been handled by multiple airports (Zurich, Rome, Munich, Florence, Newark, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Orlando, and more), and they look new. The color makes them easy to spot, and the zipper locks keep the zipper pulls safe (we’ve lost zipper pulls on other bags). I think we’re going to buy another set.”

BUY: Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set 3 Piece Expandable Lightweight Spinner Suitcase
$130, Amazon