The Best Fans on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Time to cool off.

General view of fans cooling spectators in garden square on day three of the 2018 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 17, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia.
Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

To find the very best products that no human being would have the time to try, look to the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star ratings and lots of ’em) products and choose the most convincing. You’ll find the best crowdsourced ideas whether you’re searching for comforters, bed sheets, or even Christmas trees. Below, the best fans determined by the hard-nosed reviewers on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Floor Fan with Carry Handle and Remote Control

Holmes 12-Inch Blizzard Remote Control Power Fan With Rotating Grill.

4.5 stars, 1,806 reviews
“This is one of the best fans I’ve ever owned, and I’ve been around for a long time. Not only is the fan quiet, but it cools in a variety of ways. It will blow in a way that you feel as though you’re sitting on the beach and ocean breezes are caressing you, or you can adjust it to blow in only one direction. Kudos to those who engineered this fan—a remarkable job!”

BUY: Holmes 12-Inch Blizzard Remote Control Power Fan With Rotating Grill
$40, Amazon

Less Than $50 Floor Fan

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan.

4.2 stars, 15,645 reviews
“Let’s be realistic: When you buy a fan, you want it to move the air. This beauty does it in spades. Even on low, it is still pushing quite a bit of air, and does so relatively quietly. I set it up a few feet from my bed, thinking it was enough. Wrong. It’s almost too much, and from me, that’s saying something. If I lie with my back to it (like I normally would), there is enough wind going past my ears that it makes a sound. Literally, the wind rushing past my ear. Frankly, I love it. This little jewel does exactly what it is supposed to do. But be advised, it makes noise. Especially on high.”

BUY: Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan
$16, Amazon

More Than $50 Floor Fan

Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator.

4.4 stars, 1,848 reviews
“Wow, this air circulator blows a lot of air. My bedroom is 15 feet by 20 feet, with skylights, and you can feel the air circulating through the entire room, even on the second-lowest setting. I’m very happy with this purchase.”

BUY: Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator
$100, Amazon

Less Than $100 Pedestal Fan

Lasko 1843 18” Adjustable Pedestal Fan.

4.2 stars, 760 reviews
“I was worried it might not be sturdy because the base looks small in comparison to the top of the fan in the picture. After receiving this fan there is absolutely ZERO chance of that happening. It’s very sturdy—not wobbly at all. Two of the biggest reasons I ordered this fan: The first one was it’s 18 inches, so in my head, I was thinking it will probably put out a lot of air! Boy was I right. This sucker blows. The second reason was the REMOTE. My hubby always has to get back up and turn the fan on. Well, those days are over.”

BUY: Lasko 1843 18” Adjustable Pedestal Fan
$43, Amazon

More Than $100 Pedestal Fan

Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence Oscillating 16-Inch Stand Fan.

4.5 stars, 1,785 reviews
“This fan is so quiet and efficient, we actually have to check to see if it’s on. It has made our screened-in porch in Atlanta a true delight. Today is 92 degrees, and my husband is choosing to sit outside with the fan going. It covers the whole porch with a gentle breeze, without ruffling papers or your hair. Under the advice of other reviews, we sprayed the front and back grill with clear paint to protect them from rust and excessive dirt.”

BUY: Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence Oscillating 16-Inch Stand Fan
$101, Amazon

Box Fan

Lasko 3733 20” Fan Box.

3.9 stars, 517 reviews
“I am pleasantly surprised by this fan for the price, I didn’t expect much. It arrived in perfect shape with no dents or other defects on the box. All I had to do was take it out of the box, install the included feet (which snap on), and plug it in. The fan moves a good amount of air, even on its lowest setting, and it’s loud on high, which is perfect for me. I use it as white noise. I also like the size, it fits perfectly on a small table next to my bed, so I get a great breeze while sleeping. I would not hesitate to buy a couple more at such a good price.”

BUY: Lasko 3733 20” Fan Box
$21, Amazon

Table Fan

Avalon Powerful Clip On & Desk Fan With Fully Adjustable Head.

4.5 stars, 1,439 reviews
“I’m so happy with this fan, I don’t know what to do with myself. It does everything I need it to do, and it has completely saved me from summer-morning bathroom rituals—because who likes sweating while putting on their makeup? It doesn’t rotate 360 degrees, but it does turn and tilt. It has a strong grip and can easily be converted from a clip-on to a table top. It’s like magic!”

BUY: Avalon Powerful Clip On & Desk Fan With Fully Adjustable Head
$15, Amazon

Adjustable Height Fan

Vornado 783 Full-size Whole Room Air Circulator.

4.3 stars, 422 reviews
“For 28 years of my life, I was a virgin to the majestic winds of the Vornado. I was living in the shadows of a world where cheap $20 fans haplessly bathed my body in futile gusts of moving air. Zeus himself could not muster a storm to match the air moved by a Vornado. The first night I sent power through her veins she pleasured me in a way I had not experienced before. Her powerful winds wrapping around my body, keeping me cool and rested through the night. Buy this fan.”

BUY: Vornado 783 Full-Size Whole Room Air Circulator
$120, Amazon

Tower Fan

Lasko Wind Curve Fan With Fresh Air Ionizer.

4.1 stars, 7,674 reviews
“Good-bye ugly box fan, hello gorgeous cooling tower! This is the fan I’ve been dreaming of for years. It is whisper-quiet and unobtrusive, while pushing out a lot of airflow. I was surprised at how tall it was, but anything smaller probably wouldn’t be as effective in my kitchen/dining room/living room combined space. I am so happy with this purchase!”

BUY: Lasko Wind Curve Fan With Fresh Air Ionizer
$77, Amazon

Ceiling Fan

Hunter 51059 Low Profile IV 5-Blade Ceiling Fan.

4.6 stars, 219 reviews
“I’ve had this installed in my bedroom for a while now, and I absolutely love it. It is quiet and functional. What more could I want? It was easy to install as well. I am a 66-year-old woman who didn’t want to pay someone to install the little critter, so I gave it a shot. A friend came over at one point to hold it up while I hooked up the wires, but it was so easy! Hunter fans rock!”

BUY: Hunter 51059 Low Profile IV 5-Blade Ceiling Fan
$79, Amazon

Handheld Fan

CTLpower Handheld Fan.

3.9 stars, 328 reviews
“This is a great mini-fan, plus it has the mist, which can cool you down in the hot summer. We brought this with us when we visited Universal Studios, and it worked really well. It is very compact and could moisturize your face and keep you cool. It also doesn’t make much noise like other types of portable fans. The rechargeable battery is another great feature, so you don’t have to replace the battery all the time.”

BUY: CTLpower Handheld Fan
$17, Amazon

Collapsible Handheld Fan

VersionTech Multipurpose Collapsible Portable Fan.

4.6 stars, 1,104 reviews
“This fan is my hot-flash rescue. I don’t leave home without it. It’s light, very powerful, and very quiet compared to other fans I’ve tried. I fold it and stand it on my vanity to give me a nice flow of air while putting on makeup or sitting at my desk. I did a conference and ran around all day with it hanging from my belt with the clip that comes with it. Charge lasts a long time. Can’t beat this for the price.”

BUY: VersionTech Multipurpose Collapsible Portable Fan
$15, Amazon

Necklace Fan

DLX Necklace Fan.

4.2 stars, 437 reviews
“This past Fourth of July, my family and I went to Disney World. I knew the weather was going to be stiflingly hot, so I decided to buy a few of these. We spent sunup until sundown at Magic Kingdom, and I couldn’t count how many people said to us how smart we were for having the fans, or how we look cool, or how lucky we were to have them. They kept us cool the whole trip. They are extremely lightweight, but not cheap where it could break easily. We dropped ours a bunch of times, and they never broke. Also, the fan itself blows really well, which I am still scratching my head about for such a low-cost item. The necklace part is like a thin shoelace, but you don’t even feel it. It’s very quiet, too, silent. It blows directly up your neck to your jaw, and then your face. It has good range.”

BUY: DLX Necklace Fan
$11, Amazon

Paper Fan

Handheld Folding Fan.

4.4 stars, 438 reviews
“The artwork on this fan is beautiful. Even prettier than the picture. It is well-made and well worth the small price. I will definitely get more of these. It’s so much nicer to fan yourself in public with this than using any piece of paper, cardboard, or menu you can get your hands on when hot. This made my trip to the tropical heat much more tolerable. Folds nicely, so fits well in your purse and moves enough air around to keep you cool.”

BUY: Handheld Folding Fan
$0.45, Amazon

Bladeless Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan.

4.3 stars, 495 reviews
“The Dyson fan is the Rolls-Royce of table fans. It looks good, is powerful, relatively quiet, and the safest fan on the market. Unfortunately, like a Rolls-Royce, it is also incredibly expensive. We use the fan every day, so it’s a worthwhile purchase. The airflow from the fan is powerful and even. The oscillation works well. The sound from the fan is relatively quiet and smooth.
It is better than a lot of fans that have an annoying aspect to the sound they make, including buzzing or a periodic undulation. One of the nicest aspects of the fan is the tilt function, which allows the fan to be pointed upward or downward. This is particularly useful since the fan is often on a surface below or above where you want the air to flow.”

BUY: Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan
$249, Amazon