Nature Valley Explains Why Its Granola Bars Make Such a Mess

And shows us how to eat them properly.

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If you’ve ever had a Nature Valley granola bar, you know the struggle: a steady and ruinous rain of crumbs from the moment you open the package. When the classic green box appeared in the Slate office communal snack cabinet, area keyboards began taking heavy fire. It made us wonder: Nature Valley bars are processed snacks—why not just engineer out the crumbs? Are they doing this to us on purpose?

It turns out the answer is … kind of, yes. When we called Nature Valley’s headquarters outside Minneapolis, recipe developers and marketers told us why they have no intention of creating a less messy bar. And to our slight surprise, they also agreed, on camera, to show us their best methods for eating the bars without bringing on the crumb apocalypse. Watch their explanation, and fine techniques, in the video above.

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