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The Double X Gabfest “Pee Tape” Edition

The Double X Gabfest on the pee tape, the racial divide in infant and maternal mortality, and how male authors describe women.

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On this week’s Double X Gabfest, Invisibilia co-host Hanna Rosin, New York magazine’s Noreen Malone, and Slate staff writer Christina Cauterucci discuss whether or not the Trump pee tape exists, and if it matters. Then, Linda Villarosa joins the conversation to discuss her recent piece in the New York Times Magazine about the increased rates of mortality in black mothers and infants. Finally, the gabbers talk about how male authors describe women and the recent Twitter challenge asking women to describe themselves as male authors would.


Slate Plus: Is it sexist to poke fun at Neri Oxman?

Other items discussed on the show:


Noreen: Wild Wild Country

Hanna: The Book of Joan, by Lidia Yuknavitch

Christina: The third season of Unreal

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