The Best Noise Machines on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Sleep more soundly.

Woman sleeping next to a Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine.

To find the very best products that no human being would have the time to try, look to the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star ratings and lots of ’em) products and choose the most convincing. You’ll find the best crowdsourced ideas whether you’re searching for comforters, bed sheets, or even Christmas trees. Below, the best noise machines, sound machines, and white-noise machines determined by the hard-nosed reviewers on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best White-Noise Machine

LectroFan white noise machine.

4.6 stars, 7,624 reviews
“I call the LectroFan my ‘little cone of silence.’ I already own another sound machine which I enjoy quite a bit; it’s got really nice sounds that relax me and help me to get to sleep. I thought that it worked pretty well until I had a house guest that snored like a freight train and had a tendency to watch action-adventure movies until late at night. I turned up the volume on my fancy sound machine, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. I did some research to find a machine that had better sound-blocking characteristics, and the LectroFan was highly recommended. I’m happy to say that the LectroFan has lived up to its reputation as an excellent sound-blocking machine. I just turn up the volume until I don’t hear the offending sounds anymore, and the timer shuts off the machine when I am fast asleep. I’m a sound-sensitive, light sleeper, and this is the best noise blocker that I’ve ever used!”

BUY: LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine
$50, Amazon

Best White-Noise Machine With Nature Sounds for Less Than $50

Avantek white noise sound machine.

4.4 stars, 437 reviews
“If you are looking for a white-noise machine, look no further. This is it! After searching several days through all options and reading reviews, this one lured me in with the many sound options. I am so glad I chose this one! It has multiple fan noises (subtle to very distinct), nature sounds (rain, birds, ocean, wind, et cetera), and more. The sounds are great quality. It is fairly small, so would be good for travel, too. My 13-month-old co-sleeps with me, and I wish I would have purchased this sooner for her. She has never slept better.”

BUY: Avantek White Noise Sound Machine
$38, Amazon

Best White-Noise Machine With Nature Sounds for Less Than $25

Big Red Rooster sound machine.

4.3 stars, 5,210 reviews
“I admit that I’m stunned by the sound quality of this little box. While the bass response isn’t ‘deep,’ it does sound full. My husband and I have used this new machine for three nights. The evening sounds were nice and relaxing, complete with crickets and other sounds. The ocean was good, although it’s a bit much with the volume too high. Last night we used the babbling-brook sound, and it was also very good. This box replaced a humidifier that created a pleasant white-noise din, but finally croaked after 13 years of use. I didn’t know if the new sleep machine would be a suitable replacement, but having used it now, it definitely does the trick with no work involved. Simply plug in, power up, choose a sound, sleep. We’re impressed!”

BUY: Big Red Rooster BRRC107 Sound Machine, 6 Sounds
$20, Amazon

Best Sound Machine for Sleep

Marpac Dohm white noise sound machine.

4.4 stars, 6,933 reviews
“We own three of these machines, and they have changed everything about the way we sleep. I can’t believe we got any sleep without one when we lived in an apartment! Now, even in a house, the gentle shushing is the perfect background noise for sleep. It drowns out noise, but is so natural, you don’t even notice it once it’s been on for a while. I sometimes have trouble hearing my husband speaking, only to realize the sound machine is turned on, and I didn’t even notice! Now, we have one in the baby’s room, and I can’t imagine having a baby without it. He wakes up at the slightest noise, so the sound machine is a lifesaver.”

BUY: Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine, Tan
$50, Amazon

Best Travel Sound Machine

Marpac Rohm white noise sound machine.

4.0 stars, 1,136 reviews
“I have the Marpac Dohm and use it every night. Lately, I have been traveling a lot and was missing the white-noise sound in my sleep, but I couldn’t take the Dohm … The Rohm is the perfect solution to imitate the Dohm, and even has other options with louder sound as well. I only use mine in the deep-white-noise mode and with low volume, to make it sound just like the Dohm would, but having more options is always welcomed. Very small size, portable, and USB charging make it great for traveling. Highly recommended for light sleepers like myself.”

BUY: Marpac Rohm White Noise Sound Machine, Portable
$31, Amazon

Best Miniature White-Noise Machine

LectroFan micro wireless sound machine.

4.3 stars, 670 reviews
“First, it is truly tiny: Bigger than one golf ball, but smaller than two. … I’ve used the Marpac white-noise machines for years and have really appreciated them, but both this LectroFan and the full-size unit are far superior in sound quality. The micro, of course, also functions as a Bluetooth speaker, and for travel I think it is ideal, provided you understand that it’s great for things like listening to a yoga routine, book, podcast, or music at low volume. It is tiny after all and not intended to provide room-filling sound, but as a dedicated minimalist traveler, I will now travel with just the LectroFan Micro and a smartphone for electronics on shorter trips. Don’t worry, though—it’s plenty loud when in white-noise mode! All this technology in a package that’s less than half the size of a regular vial of aspirin. Amazing!”

BUY: LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine
$35, Amazon

Best White-Noise Machine With Headphone Jack

Pictek white noise machine.

4.2 stars, 508 reviews
“Amazing sound machine! I love all the great sounds to choose from, and the best feature is, it goes all night long, which is great for our baby who uses this. So great for drowning out his noisy sisters and the quiet sounds of the house at night. Really great quality, and I appreciate the wide range of volume control.”

BUY: Pictek White Noise Machine
$19, Amazon

Best Adaptive Sound Machine

Sound+Sleep sound machine.

4.1 stars, 3,216 reviews
“This sound machine is extremely user-friendly and intuitive to use, even when you’re half-asleep and about to fall into bed … The volume on this machine goes quite high (at least twice as high as I could ever imagine needing it to be). The entire top surface of the machine appears to be a speaker panel … The best thing about this machine is that (unlike the other sound machine I own) you don’t feel like you’re listening to the same thing again and again on an endless, annoying loop. As just one example, for instance, the waves option combines the rising and falling of waves with the occasional sweet bleating of a seal, the soft toot of a tugboat horn, the deep, faded toll of a lighthouse fog bell, a few very distant chirps of some seagulls, and so forth. The user manual calls these interesting noises that punctuate the main sound ‘stories.’ The ‘stories’ are adjustable. Set the ‘Richness Level’ on low for only the waves. Set on medium to add other sounds …

There is also an ‘Adaptive Mode’ function that will adjust the volume to drown out noises from other, outside sources turning the volume a bit louder when there is an intrusive sound of some sort that might threaten to wake you up. This is an option you can turn on or off easily depending on your own preference. Again, all of this customization is extremely simple and easy. In short, I am very happy I bought this sound machine and couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.”

BUY: Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine
$84, Amazon

Best Nature-Sound Machine for Less Than $50

Wave sleep therapy sound machine.

4.1 stars, 1,121 reviews
“I bought this for my 8-year-old daughter who has chronic sleep problems. She is also a very light sleeper, and her room is on the opposite side of the wall to the television, which is sometimes on at night and disturbs her. She is also a nature-lover and loves the nature sounds—the brook or stream sound is her favorite. She loves the product. It helps drown out disturbing noise, relaxes her, and it seems to help her sleep.”

BUY: Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine
$30, Amazon

Best Nature-Sound Machine for $25

HoMedics sound spa sound machine.

4.0 stars, 1,379 reviews
“After staying with a friend who had a sound machine, I got spoiled and couldn’t easily fall asleep without one. So I purchased this one. I found that this little machine is about as perfect as it gets. It has six sounds: rain forest, ocean, rain, summer evening, waterfall, and heartbeat. The heartbeat is a bit creepy, but as I understand, it’s more for newborns anyway. With adjustable volume, the sound quality is very good. Yes, the sounds loop as other reviews mention, but not a problem if using it to help fall asleep and block out outside sounds. Besides, nature tends to sound repetitive in person, so that’s not a big deal to me, and, in fact, one of the benefits to help fall asleep. It also has a 15-, 30-, and 60-minute auto-off timer, which is nice because I’ve found if I listen to the rain or waterfall all night, I end up having to get up to go to the bathroom eventually. Some reviews have also commented on the brightness of the timer lights. I don’t have a problem with this because I put the machine across the room behind other things, and I wear a sleep mask. Regardless, the light is rather small. So if it is that distracting, then I’d recommend a sleep mask. Bonus: Because this machine can either plug into an outlet or use batteries, portability is a plus.”

BUY: HoMedics SS-2000 Sound Spa Relaxation Sound Machine
$31, Amazon

Best Light and Sound Machine

HemingWeigh white noise sound machine.

4.0 stars, 474 reviews
“Really happy with this purchase. The unit was a bit larger than I expected, but that’s okay. My bedside table is tiny, so I keep this on the floor. The night-light is pretty bright with no dimming options, but still it’s very handy when you’re adjusting the sound or plugging in your phone in the dark. Love it. The sound is great. You have a wide range of quiet and louder levels to choose from. Some of these noise machines start at loud and go up to deafening, but this one has more subtle levels. The USB ports are pure genius. So helpful. I also like the weight of it. It’s good and solid, and it stays where you put it. (There’s nothing more annoying than a super lightweight appliance fighting against its own stiff power cord.)”

BUY: HemingWeigh White Noise Sound Machine
$30, Amazon

Best Baby White-Noise Machine

myBaby white noise machine.

4.3 stars, 184 reviews
“I love this for my baby! I have two. One for home and one I keep in her diaper bag. She loves the white noise. And I like how it has three different timers or no timer if you want. It can get loud if your baby is really fussy and quiet for sleeping. I would buy this for anyone having a baby shower!”

BUY: myBaby SoundSpa White Noise Machine
$21, Amazon

Best Portable Baby Sound Machine

Big Red Rooster sound machine.

4.2 stars, 575 reviews
“My now 5-week-old has been suffering with horrible colic for the past two weeks. I was desperate to try anything and everything to calm her down, so I searched for a sound machine. This thing is the Holy Grail for colic babies! The white noise calms my baby instantly and then puts her right to sleep! The clip is great for use on a car seat, stroller, or bassinet. The sound is loud (as well as adjustable) and has a 15- and 30-minute timer on it. If you don’t use the timer, it will stay on until you shut it off, so you have enough time to take a shower without hearing the high-pitch scream in the background … Oh, and make sure to keep a set of batteries in your diaper bag and at home. You don’t want to run out of batteries during a colic episode!”

BUY: Big Red Rooster BRRC111 Portable Baby Sound Machine, Brown
$13, Amazon

Best Baby Light and Sound Machine

Hatch Baby night light and sound machine.

4.2 stars, 561 reviews
“We love our sound and light machines. Both of our girls each have one, and I cannot tell you how many times they have come in handy. When one of our girls has difficulty going to sleep or wakes up in the middle of the night, I can easily turn on the other child’s sound machine with the use of the app on my phone. This way, I do not wake anyone up by entering the room. I can also start the volume on low so I don’t wake them and gradually increase the volume.

We have used it to set a program for our oldest daughter. We have it set to turn green at a certain time each morning so she knows when it is okay to come out of her room each morning. I also have it set to turn off after so long so we don’t have to remember to turn it off. We have taken it with us while on vacation to block out other noises while our children sleep. It works very well!”

BUY: Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine, and Time-to-Rise
$60, Amazon