The Best Security Cameras on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Security camera.

To find the very best products that no human being would have the time to try, look to the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star ratings and lots of ’em) products and choose the most convincing. You’ll find the best crowdsourced ideas whether you’re searching for comforters,
bed sheets, or even Christmas trees. Below, the best security cameras and surveillance systems determined by the hard-nosed reviewers on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

The Best Dome Wireless IP Security Camera

YI Dome camera.

4.1 stars, 2,261 reviews
“I have to say, I am blown away by this camera. For the price, there is no better camera. The picture quality (day and night) is excellent, and the build quality is outstanding. You can see the specs on this camera in the listing, and it has every function I could want in an indoor security camera (Full HD, IR night vision, pan and tilt, two-way audio, motion detection and tracking, etc.). The app is excellent. It is simple but fully functional and easy to use. This thing does it all, and it does it for a fraction of the price of the competitors. I am planning to buy several more of these for around the house. This is an incredible camera at a budget price.”

BUY: YI Dome Camera 1080p HD Pan / Tilt / Zoom Wireless IP Security Surveillance System
$58, Amazon

The Best Wireless Home Security Camera With a Stand

YI home camera.

4.0 stars, 2,178 reviews
“Love this camera! I actually bought it so I can keep my eye on my dog while I’m away at lunch for work, and it’s awesome. It’s super easy to set up and has really neat features on it like motion detection and sound detection, so if for some reason the dog (or baby) cries, it’ll alert you directly on your phone so you can pull up the video. This also allows you to speak to whoever is on the opposite side of the camera through your phone, so I can calm my dog down should I ever need to. For the price of this, it’s definitely all it’s cracked up to be. Thinking about ordering another!”

BUY: YI 1080p Home Camera, Indoor Wireless IP Security Surveillance System
$45, Amazon

The Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera

Nest security camera.

4.2 stars, 3,659 reviews
“If you’ve ever researched consumer-level outdoor security cameras, you know that the offerings have left a lot to be desired. Poor hardware and even worse software have pretty much defined the entire market. Commercial options are better, but they’re also far more expensive and lack the basics of what I want in a home security camera (cloud recording and a decent smartphone app, to start with). Fortunately, the Nest Outdoor Security Camera now exists. So far, I’m really impressed with it. The video and audio quality are great, but the best feature is the smartphone app (Android, in my case). It’s fast, it’s easy to use, and it works. Scanning through hours of video is just as responsive and intuitive as watching the live feed or the last detected moment of activity. Installing the camera was painless, and the fact that I didn’t have to run to the hardware store means they got the accessories right.”

BUY: Nest Security Camera
$180, Amazon

The Best Hidden Security Camera

Alpha Tech hidden spy camera.

3.9 stars, 168 reviews
“This hidden camera is super cool and easy to use. I just followed the instructions that came with it to set the time and motion-detect mode by plugging it into my computer. That was really fast and easy, and then I unplugged it from the PC and plugged it in an outlet and tested if it works. I was able to record right away! You can even change the video-recording resolution. This is really cool, and even a mom like me was able to set it up in no time without any help from my husband. Now I can just plug it in whenever nobody’s home, and nobody will be able to tell that it’s a spy camera and not a phone charger. It does say to not use the camera continuously for more than three days, so I guess we can’t use it on long vacations out of the country, but other than that, it’s a cool gadget to have!”

BUY: Alpha Tech Hidden Spy Camera
$66, Amazon

The Best CCTV Outdoor Security Camera

Zosi home security camera.

4.0 stars, 1,241 reviews
“Our peaceful, safe neighborhood has recently become a target for crime. Houses and cars have been broken into almost daily. So we decided to purchase a security system before we were hit. This was our first-ever security-camera purchase. I did not know anything about how to pick one, so I did a lot of research and eventually decided on this one. It arrived fast and with great packaging. The picture is crystal clear even in pitch-dark. We couldn’t believe how good it was in night vision. Daytime is just as clear. We have it hooked up to a computer screen that was not being used and it’s perfect. We have recommended it to everyone. Great system, crystal-clear pictures, and good customer service. Luckily, we have not caught anyone trying to break in yet. But if we do, we will be ready.”

BUY: Zosi HD 800TVL 24PCS IR-LEDs CCTV Home Security Camera
$14, Amazon

The Best Outdoor Security Camera With an Alarm System

Ring floodlight camera.

4.3 stars, 2,730 reviews
“I cannot speak highly enough for what a wonderful product this is. The quality of the Ring Floodlight itself is great, and the quality of video is superb in both day and night. I understand the limitations of night vision, but it is still fantastic, the notifications are awesome, and if you set your perimeters properly, you don’t get a bunch of extra annoying notifications. It is simple to use and installed for me from out of the box, connected to Wi-Fi, and was up and working in less than 30 minutes. This is a must-have … I have shown five co-workers today how it works live, and pretty sure Amazon will have five orders this evening. I will be getting another one for the side of my house that I never thought I could do anything about, and a Ring Camera for the backyard. Thank you, Ring, this should win an award for best product of the decade!!”

BUY: Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm
$249, Amazon

The Best Four-Channel Outdoor Surveillance System

Ezviz outdoor surveillance system.

4.0 stars, 576 reviews
“I did a lot of research before purchasing this, based on other reviews—price, quality, length of cables for what you get. I love this unit, I have it hooked up to our bedroom flat-screen TV, and it’s awesome to be able to quickly see everything and go about my business. Love the app on my phone, it’s so cool to pull it up anytime I want to see what’s going on. I wanted a wireless unit at first, but most reviews said they had issues, so I decided to go with this wired unit instead. Night vision! I’ve had this unit for seven to eight months, no issues, and very happy with this purchase. Fully recommend!!”

BUY: Ezviz Full HD 1080p Outdoor Surveillance System
$180, Amazon

The Best Eight-Channel Outdoor Surveillance System

Zosi security camera system.

4.0 stars, 1,241 reviews
“I recently got this setup after attempting a cheaper IP wireless camera. For my needs, the IP camera was a wash and difficult to set up and use. I decided to bite the bullet and spend a little more for this system. I do not regret it one bit! The setup is relatively easy, although wires are almost always a pain. After testing the system, I installed three of the four cameras. The included cables are more than generous in length. Once installed, the system is a breeze to set up. As it has a built-in hard drive, it’s so much easier than getting a cheaper system that requires an additional hard drive. I like that I can see playback, and even record segments from my phone. In addition, the included DVR is easy to use and maneuver through. This is the first security system I ever installed, and I now feel like an expert after doing this myself. I would absolutely recommend this system, and I’ve actually already convinced a few neighbors to get the same system.”

BUY: Zosi 8-Channel HD 1080N Security Camera System
$155, Amazon