The Best Laptop Backpacks on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Protect your hardware.

A man and woman use their laptops and a mobile phone as they sit in a park next to Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong on October 11, 2017.

To find the very best products that no human being would have the time to try, look to the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star ratings and lots of ’em) products and choose the most convincing. You’ll find the best crowdsourced ideas whether you’re searching for comforters, bed sheets, or even Christmas trees. Below, the best laptop backpacks determined by the hard-nosed reviewers on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Travel Backpack With Laptop Sleeve

Kaukko laptop backpack.

4.5 stars, 935 reviews
“I bought this outdoor backpack for my girlfriend for its simple and modern style. The quality was beyond our expectation. The material is durable and solid, which is perfect for outdoor use. Also, the volume is large enough to hold all necessary items for a week of outdoor adventures, or books and a laptop for school. It’s waterproof and scratch-resistant, and when you fill it up, it still feels comfortable because the cushion pad on the back can help absorb any pressure. It has an amazing design, too: The suspensions are adjustable, so you can fine-tune torso length. All of this adds up to the best-in-class comfort and carrying control. The price is also reasonable for its high quality.”

BUY: Kaukko Laptop Outdoor Backpack (Fits 15” Laptop)
$34, Amazon

Theft-Proof Backpack With Laptop Sleeve

LaPacker laptop backpack for men.

4.5 stars, 270 reviews
“I describe myself as a ‘laptop on backpack guy’ because I’m on the move most of the time and never leave my laptop behind. Having some experience carrying my 17.3-inch laptop, I went for the biggest one because the laptop fits comfortably in it with plenty of room remaining for clothes, bottles of water, and so on. Best of all is the feeling when you put it on your back full of stuff … Awesome!!! It’s so comfortable and strong and looks good, too; no matter how much you put in it, you don’t feel the weight. It protects your back and takes care of your laptop, but also your tablet and gadgets. I really love it, and I know others who have it and love it, too.”

BUY: LaPacker Durable XL Laptop Backpack for Men (Fits Up to 17” Laptops)
$43, Amazon

Waterproof Laptop

AmazonBasics backpack for laptops.

4.3 stars, 3,511 reviews
“I must admit that I was skeptical about a backpack for under 30 bucks that would meet the rigorous demands of an IT technologist such as myself. Well, this is the best ‘IT crash bag’ I have ever owned. It was recently field-tested under rugged conditions, much of it in the rain, holding up quite well, and unexpectedly pulled through for me under some trying circumstances. It held all my tools I needed: multi-tool, screwdriver, crimps, diag-cutters, adapters, notepads, pens, markers, cables, 17-inch laptop and charger, iPad Air, work gloves, flashlight, spare parts, etc. I hope the picture speaks for itself. I highly recommend it for field and office.”

BUY: AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops (Fits Up to 17” Laptop)
$30, Amazon

Slim 15-Inch Laptop Backpack

Kopack slim laptop backpack.

4.6 stars, 955 reviews
“Amazing product, seriously, and it fits SO comfortably. I needed a larger backpack to fit all my crap in and this was it. I also wanted something that did not look awkwardly small on me, so this one fits perfectly. Good quality, sturdy, and probably my favorite backpack I’ve ever had. The straps provide good comfort on my shoulders, and I love the compartments it has throughout.
The laptop sleeve is located on the back portion of the backpack, and it is definitely spacious; my 12-inch MacBook gets swallowed in it basically lol, so even if you don’t want to use it to hold your laptop, you have a lot of room to put other things in there. Once this one gets ruined, I’ll most likely buy another one.”

BUY: Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack
$36, Amazon

Slim 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

Mancro laptop backpack.

4.3 stars, 4,038 reviews
“This bag is great! Just took it to Disney and it worked perfectly. I was coming from a much larger 5.11 bag, and this is exactly what I was looking for. It is big enough to hold a tablet or laptop, two or three rechargeable batteries from Anker, a GoPro, a portable speaker, ponchos, water bottles, sunglasses, sunscreen, an umbrella, medical kit, and much more. I was able to pack everything I need and still have room. This bag is super light as well. For the water-resistance, it absorbs some rain, but it was able to keep everything dry long enough to find cover. The charging port works quite nicely as well. It proved to be very handy. All in all, it is the perfect tech bag.”

BUY: Mancro Business Laptop Backpack (Fits Up to 17” Laptop)
$27, Amazon

11-Inch Leather Laptop Backpack for Women

Coofit black leather backpack for women.

4.3 stars, 731 reviews
“At first, I was unsure about buying this, but it’s great and even bigger than expected. It can hold my 12-inch MacBook and it may hold other light supplies if you are using this for school or if you wanna use it for every day. Don’t use textbooks in these, though, because it may become very heavy. The easy-to-reach pocket right in the back of it is useful. Overall, this is a very cute backpack, and I can’t wait to use it more and more!”

BUY: Coofit Black Leather Backpack for Women
$40, Amazon

13-Inch Leather Laptop Backpack for Women

Heshe leather backpack.

4.5 stars, 143 reviews
“HELL YES!! I spent a few days looking at all the mini-backpacks on Amazon and finally settled on this one. My primary objective was to find a small, stylish backpack that will fit my 13-inch MacBook Air because my shoulder strap is breaking from carrying it around in my purse. The laptop fits perfectly. If it were even a little bigger, it would be a no go, but at 13 inches, the Air fits with plenty of room for your other crap. I love this product; it’s very high quality. You won’t regret it. I need the brown color now!!”

BUY: Heshe Women’s Vintage Leather Backpack
$75, Amazon

15-Inch Unisex Leather Laptop Backpack

Solo Vintage leather laptop backpack.

4.6 stars, 467 reviews
“I am so happy with this purchase. I’m in outside sales in California and I’ve had a great backpack from Hex for the past three years. Since then, I’ve moved to NYC and the length of the backpack has been so bothersome walking around all day that I looked for something that wouldn’t go below my lower back. I found this one, and it’s so comfortable! I have to carry a whole day’s supplies with me (laptop, chargers, water, lunch, book, notepad, work materials, etc.), so I really needed something like this. This backpack is very well made, and all of the pockets are awesome! We’ve had a few snowfalls so far, and it’s been totally fine. AND I get compliments on it a lot.”

BUY: Solo Vintage Colombian Leather Laptop Backpack (Fits Up to 15.6” Laptop)
$70, Amazon

17-Inch Leather Laptop Backpack for Men

Polare leather laptop backpack.

4.6 stars, 237 reviews
“My crappy laptop backpack started falling apart, and I wanted to get something that would hold up to moderate usage. I decided to spend the extra money and get something I felt would last me for years. I think I made the right decision. The Polare feels great on my back, and there is nothing like that awesome leather smell. I usually keep my 10-inch laptop in it, but it easily fits my 15-inch laptop along with a few books. This backpack held up through my last year of nursing school and has continued to endure. I would recommend it to anyone.”

BUY: Polare Handcrafted Leather Laptop Backpack (Fits 16-17” Laptop)
$150, Amazon