A New Kanye West Dating Service Promises Love Free From Taylor Swift Stans

 Kanye West onstage at adidas Creates 747 Warehouse St.
Yeezy Dating promises that your match won’t be heartless. Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The galaxy of extremely niche dating sites has gained a new star—one that promises to help you find someone who loves you like Kanye loves Kanye. That’s right, lonely singles are no longer confined to finding each other based on interests like farming or the goth aesthetic. With the release of Yeezy Dating, fans of Kanye West are one step closer to finding someone to argue with about the proper breakdown of their Kanye madness bracket.

Slated to launch sometime later this month, the Yeezy Dating website is pretty sparse at the moment, featuring a brief explainer noting that the site is “for fans of the genius Mr. Kanye West.” However the site, created through a crowdfunding campaign launched by 21-year-old Yeezus stan Harry Dry, has a relatively active Instagram presence. One thing the website does do is commit to providing a safe space by preemptively avoiding the debate over that infamous “Famous” line with a disclaimer banning all Taylor Swift fans. The ban includes a requisite snake emoji, a symbol synonymous with the culmination of the feud between Swift and West, when Kim Kardashian West revealed that Swift had lied when she said she had never approved West’s verse.

The website also includes a pretty great playlist that starts with Frank Ocean’s “Pyramaids” and ends with “Gorgeous” from what is objectively Kanye’s best album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Ye stans were immediately onboard with the idea despite the scant amount of details available, flooding the site’s Insta account with comments like, “If she tells you she loves you more than Kanye lost [sic] Kanye, then she is the one” and “why couldn’t this have been a thing sooner?” Why, indeed.

Yeezy Dating enters an overly saturated online dating world where one of the more common bits of advice is to give up and delete all your dating apps. GQ’s Sophia Benoit recently contended that dating services are an unfun waste of time, rigged against their users, and that the instant buzz we get from finding out a random hot person also thinks we’re hot could never compare to a real-life crush. “The second that girl on your rec soccer team breaks up with her douchey boyfriend and the two of you start hanging out,” Benoit says, “You’re going to stop responding to these strangers you’ve been struggling to carry on conversations with.” Which is probably true! But who knows, maybe the lure of a website filled with people who share a mutual love of the Louis Vuitton Don—through all his ups and downs—can provide us with the lasting connections we’re hungry for.