The Most Recent Trump Dating Site Is a Safe Space for MAGA-ites and Bots

A white couple seen embracing on the homepage.
A white couple making America great again. homepage

Every relationship has The Moment. Not the moment when you take your partner home to mom or when you finally compromise on the correct number of pillows to have on your bed. I mean The Moment when your potential boo reveals that they own an All Lives Matter shirt or that they sincerely believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Specialized dating sites like or expedite the dating process and generally ensure that The Moment is only a minor surprise rather than a break-up bomb. Entering into this growing cohort of dating silos is, a new service that gives “like-minded Americans a chance to meet without the awkwardness that comes with the first conversation about politics.”

That’s right, all you MAGA fans. No longer will you have to swipe left on profile after profile that includes “proud liberal” or “no Trump supporters”—you now have your own digital mixer! In its opening statement, asks its clients, “Wouldn’t it be refreshing to already know that your date roots for the same team?” While the site is theoretically open to anyone straight, I have to assume that this team only includes white people, based on the stock images used and the multiple varieties of white you can choose from when filling in your ethnicity: White/Caucasian, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Eastern European, and Western European. Meanwhile, the many peoples of the black and Asian diaspora are collapsed into one category each.

While users currently can’t choose anything but straight man or straight woman, at one point they were able to choose between happily and unhappily married, leading some to describe the new site “as a sort of Ashley MAGAson.” Unfortunately, that option had been removed when I created my profile (find me at maga1234), along with a promo image that featured a Tea Party activist with a child sex conviction. A quick scroll through the available men in the New York City area revealed a preponderance of white men with usernames such as Summerlove147 and pizzabageltogo—a good number of which were clearly (hopefully?) bots, given their curiously poor grammar.

Incredibly, is just the latest in a series of sites that do exactly what conservatives have been lambasting snowflake college students for in recent years—creating a “safe space” where participants’ views will go unchallenged. There’s the similarly named and also, the latter of which launched in May 2016 and has both the tagline “Make Dating Great Again” and an army of fake users. The appeal of these sites rests in their seclusion and uniformity of opinion, and their proliferation speaks not only to the shame that we know some of Trump’s voters feel about their ballots but also to a universal truth about romance. In the words of the great philosopher Marvin Gaye, everybody, even the people who voted for the most singularly unqualified presidential candidate in recent history, needs love. But it’s probably for the best for everyone that these folks find it with each other.