30 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Less Than $25

And you can buy them now on Amazon.

A collage of gifts, including a brush and a tote bag.
The Strategist

Sure, candy and flowers—even a cuddly teddy bear—may feel more routine for Valentine’s Day, but if you’re shopping for a more personal Valentine’s Day gift to go the extra mile, there are many affordable ideas on Amazon that won’t set you back more than $25. Below, we sought out the best cheap gifts for a range of valentines—from the fussy eater to the guy with a dedicated beard routine.

For the Valentine You Just Started Seeing

Pink clay soap bar.

Well-packaged and sensible enough that no one would judge you for not choosing something more personal.

BUY: Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay
$15, Amazon

For the Valentine Who’s Working on an Instagram Persona

Camera in a Gorillapod tripod.

An odd looking tripod that comes highly recommended as a travel accessory for its quick setup and foldable body.

BUY: Joba Gorillapod Original
$20, Amazon

For the Valentine Who’s Obsessed With Gummies

Lunch bag.

Junk food gummies are guaranteed to be more satisfying than your traditional box of chocolates, with mini fries and pizzas to round out someone’s cravings.

BUY: Gummy School Lunch Bag
$6, Amazon

For the Valentine Who Hasn’t Gotten Over Millennial Pink

Pink planter.

A fetching accessory for a window sill or shelf.

BUY: Chive Ceramic Dish Planter
$25, Amazon

For the Valentine Whose Vanity Could Use Some Organization

Two-tiered gold accessory holder.

This Umbra organizer looks a lot more expensive than it actually is, and might help control the clutter of odds and ends that’s been building up on a counter top.

BUY: Umbra Poise Tiered Accessory Holder
$25, Amazon

For the Valentine Who’s Always Doodling

Gold pen.

Now your beau can scribble with a sleek gold pen that’s well-suited for calligraphy and fancy renderings—pair it with this pen nib holder, and you’ll just spend a hair over $25.

BUY: Zebra Comic Pen Nib
$20, Amazon

For the Valentine You’re Dropping Hints On

Get It On body wash.

Not exactly sex dust, but it still has aphrodisiac potential with its sandalwood, ginger, and cedar scent.

BUY: Plant Get It On Body Wash
$20, Amazon

For the Valentine You Go Camping With

White box lamp.

More ambient lighting for a camping trip upstate than your average flashlight can give you, powered by solar energy so you don’t have to hassle with batteries.

BUY: Solight Solar Helix Lamp
$25, Amazon

For the Valentine Who Smokes (or Just Has Clutter)

Ash tray shaped as lips.

One of our favorite design-y ash trays that happens to be an especially spot-on gift for Valentine’s Day.

BUY: Loghot Creative Ceramic Ash Tray
$13, Amazon

For the Person Who Never Says ‘No’ to a Tub of Ice Cream


Just affordable enough that you can buy a pair for the two of you.

BUY: Alessi Big Love Spoon
$10, Amazon

For the Valentine You Just Bought a Puppy With


Made of strong, durable leather that it’s less likely to chew through or tug from your hands.

BUY: Training Leash
$20, Amazon

For the Valentine Who’s a Total Clean Freak

Table brush shaped like a hedgehog.

A gentle ribbing at the person who’s borderline compulsive about cleaning the crumbs and dust off the counters, in the form of an adorable hedgehog cleaning brush.

BUY: Bürstenhaus Redecker Hedgehog Table Brush
$16, Amazon

For the Valentine Who Collects Stacking Rings

Ring holder shaped like a giraffe.

Cute ring holders that you can also get in the shape of a cat, a rabbit, elephant, reindeer, or rooster.

BUY: Umbra Ring Holder
$16, Amazon

For the Valentine Whose Beard Gets Out of Control Sometimes

Steel comb.

A stainless steel comb that’s slim enough to fit in a wallet, and can even be personalized with a name.

BUY: Personalized Custom Wallet Comb
$20, Amazon

For the Valentine Who’s Always Misplacing Keys

Key ring shaped like a safety pin.

A sleek Kikkerland key ring that you can pin to the outside of your bag like a chic carabiner, so you never have to fumble for your keys again.

BUY: Kikkerland Safety Pin Key Ring
$10, Amazon

For the Valentine Who Always Knows About the Latest Drops

Sneakers book.

Rodrigo Corral’s gorgeous photo book centered on the world of sneakers would make a must-have coffee-table book for any sneaker fanatic.

BUY: Sneakers
$16, Amazon

For the Valentine Who’s Always Misplacing Keys, Part Two

Smartphone and Tile Mate.

Go one step further by gifting the very helpful Tile Mate, which can sync up to a phone to help locate exactly where a pair of keys have landed up.

BUY: Tile Mate Key Finder
$20, Amazon

For the Valentine Who Loves Music, But Lacks Counter Space


This portable Bluetooth speaker gets rave reviews for its sound quality, despite its small size and affordable price.

BUY: Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker
$21, Amazon

For the Valentine Who You’re Orchestrating Breakfast in Bed For


Get the presentation right with a sleek wooden tray that can fold up when it’s not in use.

BUY: Winsome Wood Benito Tray
$21, Amazon

For the Valentine Who’s a Surrealist

Franz Kafka tote bag.

A reading tote that’s also an homage to Franz Kafka.

BUY: Out of Print Franz Kafka Tote
$18, Amazon

For the Valentine Who’s Still Complaining About the Dry Air


This humidifier is USB-operated so you can even bring it to work and hook it up to a monitor.

BUY: NexGadget USB Travel Humidifier
$20, Amazon

For the Valentine Who Queued Up to Get a Copy of Swing Time

Feel Free book.

The latest from Zadie Smith, a collection of essays including previously unpublished work and favorites like “Joy” and “Find Your Beach.”

BUY: Feel Free: Essays
$18, Amazon

For the Valentine Who’s a Skin-Care Fanatic

Essence bottle.

Introduce your better half to the wonders of this skin perfecting snail mucin essence, or top up their supply.

BUY: Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
$16, Amazon

For the Valentine Who’s Obsessed With Sweetgreen

Salad for President book.

An artist-inspired, compulsively flippable cookbook that delves into the varied, leafy green world of salads.

BUY: Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired By Artists
$21, Amazon

For the Valentine Who Can’t Live Without Lattes

Milk frother.

Help them avoid coffee-shop splurges with an at-home milk frother.

BUY: Bodum Milk Frother
$20, Amazon

For the Valentine Who Loves Playing Hostess

Wine stem.

An easy way to make sure your wine’s chilled in time for dinner.

BUY: Corkcicle ‘Pour and Chill’ Black Stem
$13, Amazon

For the Valentine You’re Traveling With Soon

Plug adapter.

So you’re never stranded without a charge: this four-in-one adapter is well-suited for international travel.

BUY: Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter
$21, Amazon

For the Valentine Who’s Always Stealing Yours

Malin + Goetz bottle.

A grapefruit-scented cleanser that will smell extra refreshing early in the morning.

BUY: Malin + Goetz Travel Cleanser
$10, Amazon

For the Valentine Who You’re Still Stumped On

Delfonics pouch.

Delphonic’s Quitterie pouches are always crowd-pleasers for their simplistic, attractive design—they’re made in Japan and look far more expensive than their cheap price point. Smaller ones could make good pencil pouches, while a larger size could fit a Kindle or iPad.

BUY: Delfonics Quitterie Multifunctional Pouch Size M Greige
$22, Amazon

For the Valentine Who Loves to Bake

White saw knife.

Don’t just serve, saw, with this cheeky cake knife that looks like it could be dangerous.

BUY: Fred Table Cake and Salad Saw
$11, Amazon