The Best Packing Cubes

According to hyperenthusiastic reviewers.

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To find the very best products that no human being would have the time to try, look to the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star ratings and lots of ’em) products and choose the most convincing. You’ll find the best crowdsourced ideas whether you’re searching for comfortersbed sheets, or even Christmas trees. Below, the best packing cubes determined by the hard-nosed reviewers on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best Single Large Packing Cube

Single large packing cube

4.7 stars, 1,162 reviews
“This is just what I needed to go on a quick trip out the country; me and my girlfriend shared one suitcase. I got everything in my cube and didn’t take up all of the suitcase. This is a must have for every family. Glad I stumbled upon it looking for luggage. Material was a little thin but it served its purpose for the low, low price.”

BUY: PRO Packing Cubes Lightweight Travel (Marine Blue, Large)
$8, Amazon

Best Two-Piece Set of Compression Packing Cubes

Two packing cubes

4.4 stars, 539 reviews
“Proof is in the pictures: A full-length, wool trench coat and scarf compressed down to the size of a legal sheet of paper. Hard as a brick and very difficult to zipper, but it worked. I travel between cold and warm climates, and there is nothing worse than lugging a wool coat all around California because my latter week appointments are in NYC or Boston. I can now stash the whole coat in my computer bag. On average, I would say this compresses clothing to half size. … I was able to get five tees, undies, and socks along with three dress shirts into my overnight now. I don’t think it will be life-changing but should allow me to avoid the gate-check on the small commuter jets.”

BUY: Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set—2-Piece Set
$29, Amazon

Best Three-Piece Set of Packing Cubes

Three-piece set of packing cubes

4.8 stars, 2,430 reviews
“I am an airline pilot, so needless to say, I live out of my suitcase. The eBags packing cubes make it so easy to keep my clothes and other essentials organized while traveling. Using these cubes are mostly for organization, they don’t really help to fit more clothes into the same space as other ‘space-saver’ type bags would since they don’t compress the items or remove air. I am, however, able to pack seven days’ worth of clothes, toiletries, and makeup in the three-piece eBags set (along with) a pair of tennis shoes, and even my laptop in a 22-inch carry-on suitcase. … The cubes are very lightweight material but durable. The zippers are high quality and I have never had any issues with them breaking or getting caught. These packing cubes are a must have for any frequent traveler. I know many pilots and flight attendants that swear by these as well.”

BUY: eBags Packing Cubes—3-Piece Set
$30, Amazon

Best Three-Piece Set of Slim Packing Cubes

Three slim packing cubes in luggage

4.7 stars, 660 reviews
“Love these! While some reviewers complained that they were too small, I found them to be the perfect size to pack socks, underwear, or to use in carry-on for an overnight emergency change of clothing (leggings—not jeans, so FYI) for carry-on in case luggage gets lost. The size of these fit between the bars on the bottom of large suitcase from pull-up handle, allowing you to fill that wasted space. Wish I’d ordered a second set for this reason.”

BUY: eBags Slim Packing Cubes—3-Piece Set
$27, Amazon

Best Three-Piece Set of Lightweight Packing Cubes With Garment Folder

Three packing cubes.

4.7 stars, 211 reviews
“Our kids told us about this packing system and how much they liked it, especially after they said customs tore through their suitcase but left their clothes neatly in the packets. So we ordered a set and used it for the last trip we took. Loved it! Everything stayed so nice and neat and practically looked ‘ironed.’ I ordered another of the medium folders, so we each have one for our next vacation.”

BUY: Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Starter Set—3-Piece Set
$47, Amazon

Best Three-Piece Set of Fabric Compression Packing Cubes

Three packing cubes, stacked.

4.5 stars, 118 reviews
“Don’t bother with any other packing cubes, just buy these! I made it 10 days in Europe with a carry-on using two of the three-piece set, and I’m not a light packer! In the large cube, I fit three dresses, two [pairs of] shorts, one skirt, and seven tops! In the medium cube, I fit too much random stuff to list here. They are sturdy and they compress with a double zipper. The mesh top is helpful for seeing what’s inside. I’m so glad I didn’t try and save a few bucks with a cheaper option, these will clearly hold up for years. Best purchase I’ve made in forever!”

BUY: LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes
$31, Amazon

Best Three-Piece Set of Lightweight Compression Packing Cubes

Three packing cubes.

4.4 stars, 272 reviews
“These are perfect for travel! I bought them for an upcoming backpacking trip to Asia, but I have been using them in the meantime for all my travel. Even for short weekend trips, these are a huge help in organizing my bag or suitcase. The material is light but seems very strong and I have not had any problem with rips or tears. The largest one fits several pairs of pants and rolled up shirts easily. The smallest one is good for socks and underwear type of things. While the material is not necessarily stretchy, you can stuff quite a bit into these.”

BUY: Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cube Set—3-Piece Set
$32, Amazon

Best Four-Piece Set of Packing Cubes

Four-set of packing cubes.

4.6 stars, 932 reviews
“I’ve owned the ‘name brand’ versions of these, and the AmazonBasics versions work just as well. I have used them on a few trips so far and no issues with broken zippers, tears, seams coming apart, etc. … I use the largest size for my clothes, the medium size for my kids’ clothes, the small for their socks/underwear, and the long for my socks/underwear. We have multiple sets for longer trips. Somehow TSA always chooses my bag to randomly inspect (probably because it always weighs a ton, haha), and these cubes mean my bag is still organized at the end destination. … One of our best purchases for travel, hands down.”

BUY: AmazonBasics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set—Small, Medium, Large, and Slim
$20, Amazon

Best Four-Piece Set of Packing Cubes With Laundry Bag

Four-set of packing cubes.

4.8 stars, 5,841 reviews
“Honestly, these are genius! I specifically ordered this four-pack set because it came with a laundry bag. Sounds silly I know, but I travel for a living, and I am constantly putting my dirty clothes in a Walmart sack or whatever hotel dry cleaning plastic bag they have laying around. The idea of having a nice laundry bag specifically designated for laundry made me choose Shacke Pak … I packed a week’s worth of clothes in all the cubes, laid them all in my suitcase and could not believe I had never done this before. … I loved that when we arrived at our destination I could pull out whichever cube I needed to unpack. Also, I loved that my stuff wasn’t all wrinkled and messed up or smooshed at the bottom of the suitcase when we arrived. It was literally all nice and tidy and right where I left it.”

BUY: Shacke Pak—4 Set of Packing Cubes—Travel Organizers with Laundry Bag
$23, Amazon

Best Five-Piece Set of Packing Cubes

Five packing cubes, stacked.

4.6 stars, 1,611 reviews
“I found these TravelWise packing cubes a few weeks back when my family was preparing to fly to Palm Springs, Calif., for vacation. … The bags are well-made with high quality zippers, which was important to me. The lining of the fabric feels like it has kind of a water repellant, if not plastic-type coating. They each come with a nice handle, so they’re easy to carry. The mesh area makes it nice to see what you’ve packed in each one! I feel like I was able to get so much more in my bag—I got so much in that my bag was overweight, luckily I just popped one of my cubes out and put it in my husband’s bag.”

BUY: TravelWise Packing Cube System—Durable 5-Piece Weekender + Set
$23, Amazon

Best Six-Piece Set of Packing Cubes

Six-piece set of packing cubes.

4.8 stars, 643 reviews
“I am so happy with this purchase. I … only needed one of the smallest cubes and one medium cube for a four-night, five-day trip. The smallest cube is actually bigger than I had imagined it to be. I was able to fit seven sets of yoga pants (rolled) in the smallest one with plenty of room to fit more. … I’m very impressed with the quality of the cubes. I was expecting flimsy fabric that may easily tear but that’s not what I have at all. I think the quality for the price is excellent. The zippers especially. Even after putting two layers of clothes in these things, the zippers close & open with ease.”

BUY: 6 Set Packing Cubes, 3 Various Sizes Travel Luggage Packing Organizers
$23, Amazon