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The “ vs. Aziz Ansari” Edition

The DoubleX Gabfest on Aziz Ansari, Jacinda Ardern, and Slate’s Our One Fight.

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On this week’s DoubleX Gabfest, Invisibilia co-host Hanna Rosin, New York magazine’s Noreen Malone, and managing producer of Slate podcasts June Thomas discuss’s article about Aziz Ansari—and the entire conversation it sparked. Then, they talk about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s pregnancy. (This episode taped before Sen. Tammy Duckworth announced her pregnancy.) Finally, Hanna shares how it felt to about her marriage for Slate’s new Our One Fight feature, and they discuss archetypal fights in relationships.


Slate Plus: Are parking spots exclusively for women sexist?

Other items discussed on the show:

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