Did You See This?

Must This Baby Otter Learn to Swim?

He would rather not.

Triton, the baby otter in the video above, does not want to learn to swim.

According to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, where Triton was born, he has a “playful and independent personality.” Mmm hmm. We certainly see the independent part on display as his patient parents try to give him a swimming lesson in the video. Triton squeaks defiantly as he has his picture taken. Then, at the pool, his mom lovingly but firmly drags him into the water, first with her mouth and then with her hands. Once he’s in, he immediately tries to escape. Please note the moment, at :25, where she kind of just pushes his head down into the pool. Whatever works.

Correction, Dec. 1, 2017: Due to an editing error, this post’s headlines referred to Triton as a sea otter. He is a river otter.