Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Three Fails Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast on raising trans kids and accidentally enrolling your child in an all-white summer camp.

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With Gabe Roth and Rebecca Lavoie on vacation, Carvell Wallace is joined by former host Allison Benedikt and Ami Cooper. In an all-fail edition of “Triumphs and Fails,” Allison discusses her shame at accidentally enrolling her child in an all-white summer camp, Carvell’s first-day-of-school screw-up, and Ami’s urban biking conundrum. Then, an interview with Ami about her experience raising an out and proud transgender sixth-grader, navigating gender politics with colleagues, and dealing with the problems that arise from new schools. In Slate Plus, a bonus fourth fail from Allison about encouraging kids to do the right thing, even after they’ve made the wrong choice.


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