Did You See This?

The Clouds Roll In

Watch a gorgeous timelapse of the volatile weather over the Grand Canyon.

This video shows dramatic weather over Arizona’s Grand Canyon in a way you just can’t see by driving up to its edge, getting out of the car, and peering in for a few moments. Of course the place is always dazzling, but the drama captured in “Kaibab Elegy,” a timelapse piece by Harun Mehmedinovic of Skyglow, is something else altogether.

As wisps of cloud rise from the canyon sides, and a storm rolls into the canyon, you can practically feel the temperature drop. Fog becomes an ocean of clouds before a blazing sunset overcomes it. Some of the splendor is the music, by Pete Davis and James Banbury, but the video may change how you think of this national treasure.

Skyglow is a crowdfunded project that captures the impact of urban light pollution in comparison to the pristine beauty of unspoiled night skies. The project is a collaboration with the non-profit International Dark-Sky Association.