Did You See This?

A Used Car Ad to End All Used Car Ads

You might remember this vehicle from Jurassic Park.

It can be hard to make a used car ad stand out from the others. But that was not a problem for Eugene Romanovsky.

Romanovsky created the epic video above to hock his used Suzuki Vitara ‘96. The video starts off like a homemade car commercial, with Romanovsky filming the vehicle as it plunges offroad and conquers the forest, before it becomes something else entirely. There are sand dunes, frozen tundra, the ocean floor, and the moon. And don’t you remember it in Jurassic Park?  

One might call this is a major case of false advertising, but it definitely got the attention of consumers. It’s a grand sendoff worthy of the car Romanovsky (who you can reach on Facebook) describes as his “best friend for 10 years.”