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Tiffany Trump, Future Law Student, Should Take These Classes to Influence Her Father

Tiffany Trump, our nation’s only hope, at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 16.

Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

As her father likes to say, “See you in court!” Youngest Trump daughter Tiffany Trump is going to law school at Georgetown University in the fall, Us Weekly reports. (Add another tally mark to the chalkboard where you’re keeping tabs on the burgeoning Us Weekly–Trump family alliance.) The 23-year-old will move to Washington, D.C., following much of the rest of her family’s relocation to the capitol post–Inauguration Day.

Tiffany, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and urban studies in 2016, has the reputation of being the forgotten Trump child, or the “other Trump” as the New York Times referred to her in October. She grew up in California with her mother Marla Maples, Donald Trump’s second wife, away from the gold-plated lives of the rest of the family in New York, and during the campaign, she frequently went unmentioned or not pictured. In Tiffany’s speech at the Republican National Convention last year, Tiffany’s attempt to humanize her dad seemed to instead reveal that she barely knew him at all: She was “unable to come up with a single meaningful anecdote about her father or his influence in her life,” Ruth Graham wrote at the time.

Will being the first of her siblings to get a graduate degree change her position in the family? Her older half-siblings have all followed their father into the family business, the Trump Organization, but Tiffany is doing her own thing. Still, she’s nodding to family tradition in her choice of universities (in addition to taking her geographical cues from the Trump clan): Her undergraduate school, Penn, is where Donald, Donald Jr., and Ivanka all went, and Georgetown is where half-brother Eric studied, as well as where Ivanka spent the beginning of college before transferring.

Yet Tiffany still has a choice to make: Will she go full Trump and become an enabler for her father, or will she use her access and sway for the greater good? Law school presents a great opportunity for Tiffany to learn things that will allow her to be a benevolent influence around the family dinner table. For instance, at law school, presumably, they teach you the law, which would already put her head and shoulders above her father. We’ve flipped through the virtual pages of the Georgetown Law course guide, and these are a few suggestions for the classes Tiffany might want to pursue:

Introduction to U.S. Constitutional Law
Seems like this could be exactly what the Trump administration needs: “Particular attention will be paid to the critical balances of power between the Federal and state governments (federalism) and among the three branches of the Federal government,” the course description reads. Tiffany, we’re counting on you!

Congress and the Administrative State
“This course teaches about Congress, the President, and agencies, as well as courts.” Seems useful. Definitely at least one Trump should have this knowledge.

Federal Courts and the Federal System
What if the problem this whole time has been Trump’s lack of understanding of the courts? Now’s your chance to correct that, Tiffany. Well, whenever you have room in your schedule for this class, I guess we can wait.

International Negotiations Seminar
Could come in handy.

Free Press Seminar
From the First Amendment onward, this class will be full of surprises for the Trump administration. What do you mean the media isn’t the “opposition party”?

Lawyers’ Ethics
Just to get the basics down.

Gender and Sexuality: Law and Theory
Would be great to have someone with the president’s ear be able to communicate to him that women and LGBTQ people are humans and have rights.

Access to Health Care and Coverage: Law and Policy
“Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated,” President Trump famously lamented. After this course, maybe Tiffany can help.

Election Law
If Tiffany takes a class that focuses on voting rights, she’ll get more than enough background to give fair consideration to her father’s claims about the “millions of people who voted illegally” in the presidential election.

Immigration Law and Policy
This class promises to “explore the source and scope of … executive brand implementation of immigration legislation.” The idea that there’s a scope at all will be news to some members of the Trump administration, all of whom, once she’s taken this course, Tiffany will be empowered to educate.

Tax Practice and Procedure
Day 1, Lesson 1: You have to pay taxes, some members of the Trump family may be surprised to learn.

Advanced Environmental Law: Climate Change
This course will “provide students the opportunity to engage in hands-on work with policymakers in addressing the issue.” If that policymaker is the president himself once his daughter finally convinces him that climate change is real, all the better.

Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Documents
Seems worthwhile to study up in Dad’s specialty, right? This class will give Tiffany an advantage over her other siblings, and Donald Trump will surely embrace having a daughter who shares his passion for real estate negotiations and is well-versed in the current legislation governing the field.

The Trump Presidency: Legal, Political and Moral Problems
It might be a little awkward for Tiffany to enroll in this class, but as long as Georgetown is offering it, why not?