Did You See This?

“A Smaller, Less Developed Version of the Original Creature”

A Star Trek crew detects a new lifeform.

Even if you’ve grown wary of “We’re expecting” gag videos, this one should appeal to proud nerd families everywhere. Who better to detect the presence of a mysterious new energy source than the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Enterprise NCC-1701-D?

“Remarkable,” says the craft’s Captain Picard, and indeed, it must be for the Goodwins, the family anticipating the arrival of a “smaller, less-developed version of the original creature,” as Data puts it, in October 2017. This humanoid offspring will be in good hands—his or her parents are obviously advanced beings who know exactly what to do with a sonogram.

Correction, May 4, 2017: Due to an editing error, the headline to this piece originally said the video featured the crew of Star Trek: Enterprise. As the post notes, the crew is from Star Trek: The Next Generation.