Did You See This?

Driving With Dog

A woman and her basset hound on their commute to work each day.

Want to make your commute tolerable? Bring your dog, film it, then make it all into a music video.

At least that’s what filmmaker Ilektra Poirazoglou did. She started driving to work with her bassett hound, Elliott, so they could spend more time together. In this GoPro video, she filmed their routine over time and set it to a song that she wrote and performed, and the result is hard to resist.

When the footage from different days is cut together, patterns emerge: Elliott likes to sit in the back seat and poke his head into the front. He also likes to ride shotgun with his paws up on the armrest. Sometimes he sleeps in the back.

Eventually, in a satisfying grace note, Elliott and Poirazoglou’s movements end up synchronized. When she looks both ways, so does he.