Did You See This?

The Man Metal-Detecting His Way Across the U.K.

Meet Deep Digger Dan.

Come for the metal-detecting videos, stay for the spectacular host.

Yorkshire-bred YouTuber Deep Digger Dan has been making metal-detecting videos since 2012. He’s part metal detectorist, part tour guide, part comedian. Right now, he’s in the midst of an ambitious challenge: metal-detecting his way through the entire coastline of Britain. He’s dubbed the journey Digging the Coast and his goal is to metal detect 365 beaches in 365 days. And he’s raising money for charity.


In the video above, he tackles the island of Anglesey in Wales. In his thick accent, he riffs on the history of some ancient burial chambers, then hits the ground with his metal detector. As for the loot, he finds a ton of old pennies and silver coins from the early 20th century. Upon finding a 1926 silver sixpence, he exclaims “Beautiful!” and says of the coin’s face, “Unbelievably sexy. Look at him; look at him. I’ve never found a man sexy before until now, but look at him.” Also spotted: a newborn lamb, still covered with “all that yellow rubbish.”

Don’t sleep on his very first video for the Digging the Coast challenge.