Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence: The “Death of the Ego” Edition

Help! How do I tell my friends and family I’m upset they bailed on my big birthday?

Prudie learns about birthday spankings this week! Plus, how smartphones ruined pushing your friends into pools. Then, your letters, with executive producer of Slate podcasts Steve Lickteig:*

  • I was creeped out by an employee when I was an intern. Should I report him, even though I’ve since left the job?
  • I’ve been out of the workforce for a while and I’m anxious about jumping back in.
  • How do I let my friends and family know I’m upset they bailed on my big birthday?
  • I just came out to my husband and kids. How do I leave my marriage without hurting them?
  • My best friend’s been cheating on his wife for years, and it’s ruining all my memories with him.

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*Correction, May 24, 2017: This page originally misstated Lickteig’s title. He is executive producer, not executive director.