Did You See This?

The Strawberry Queen

One woman’s delightful, bizarre obsession with a little red fruit.

Yuko Okumura loves strawberries. A lot.

In this wonderfully bizarre short documentary by director Yoko Okumura (who is also Yuko’s daughter), we are invited inside Yuko’s strawberry-colored world. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana, with her husband, Shohaku. Her house is filled with strawberry merch: silverware, notebooks, magnets, stuffed animals, knick-knacks, and more. She dons strawberry clothing and accessories. And of course, she grows the fruit in her garden. Shohaku is very supportive, although he good-naturedly admits that he makes fun of her “always.”

If something exists, there is an online community for it. Yuko is part of a Japanese online community for strawberry enthusiasts. (It happens to consist of all women.) In 2015, she traveled to Japan for a meetup of her online strawberry friends.

Also watch the delightful accompanying music video (Yoko, who’s also a performer, appears in it), and follow Yuko on Instagram for some very pure strawberry content.