Did You See This?

Watch a Haunting Short Film Based on a Patricia Highsmith Story

In A Mighty Nice Man, a charming stranger has predatory intentions.

Patricia Highsmith is famous for her psychological thrillers, many of which later became films, including The Talented Mr. Ripley and Strangers on a Train. Now her short story A Mighty Nice Man gets the cinematic treatment with the disturbing short film above, written and directed by Jonathan Dee.

Set in the American South in the Dust Bowl era, it follows two bored little girls whose day is altered when a charming stranger in a white linen suit comes down the road whistling “While Strolling in the Park.” The man (Billy Magnussen, Into the Woods) introduces himself as Robbie and befriends the younger child, Charlotte, with a gift of candy before inviting her to come ride in his car. As you might expect, this Mighty Nice Man is anything but that.