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Loud Places

The businesses that took over historic rock venues.

After iconic rock venues The Rose Bonbon, The Hammersmith Palais, and The Quartier Latin shuttered, they became a restaurant, a gym, and a vaudeville theater, respectively. The short documentary “Loud Places,” above, from Mathy & Fran (AKA Mathy Tremewan and Fran Broadhurst), explores the legacy of these venues with interviews and melancholy shots of the locations in their current states. These clubs once hosted bands like the Ramones and the Clash. It’s strange to see the spaces now so disconnected from their past.

A common thread among the interviewees, now middle-aged, is that they’ve lost something that they’ll never be able to recreate. “It was a whole period. You can’t go back to things that were. To beautiful memories. You don’t go back,” one says. Another adds, “People just seemed to connect on a level that doesn’t occur anymore.”