Did You See This?

Mean Streets

A trip from Manhattan to Brooklyn, New York, in a wheelchair is far harder (and funnier) than you’d expect.

“New York, the city that never stops fucking with you,” Zach Anner says in this charming video as he attempts to traverse the city in his wheelchair.

The mission seems simple enough: Go get a rainbow bagel in Brooklyn. But New York’s not even among the top 10 most wheelchair-accessible cities in the U.S., and that presents certain obstacles. It should only take 28 minutes, according to Google Maps, but there’s no accessible subway. Fortunately, there is a boat …

The Texas comedian’s quest comes via the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, which cleverly shows how the transportation routes many people take for granted can be impossible for others. For more Anner, check out his book, If at Birth You Don’t Succeed.