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A tourist jumps in front of Paris’ Eiffel Tower at sunrise on Jan. 18, 2017.

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There’s a belief in the culture that there are those who are “morning people” and those who are not. But this is another false binary: We are all morning people, in that we all (if we’re lucky!) experience the phenomenon of waking up to a new day and having to decide what to make of its first few hours. The divisiveness of the morning arises from the details—what time we wake up and how; whether we leap out of bed into an 8-mile run or stumble resentfully toward the espresso machine; if we groggily reach for our phones, our snuggle buddies, or the snooze button. These are all personal decisions, and yet many people carry around superiority or inferiority about their morning rituals, a sense that there are right and wrong ways to wake up. At the very least, the popular notion that “successful people do certain things before breakfast” proves we share a fascination with the potential contained in the initial hours after rising.


Awake—a pop-up blog in the mold of the Drift, Slate’s earlier look at sleep—will direct a bright, easterly sunbeam on those hours. Our writers will address a range of morning topics, from the poetic (sex and dreams) to the practical (grooming and caffeine). The goal? To marvel together at that dewy, whole-day-ahead potential. What you choose to make of it—including a few more minutes of shut-eye—is up to you.

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