Gays, Trump Agree: D Should Be Easy!

Trump is a man who knows what he wants.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Donald Trump revealed today on Twitter that he, like all of us, is just waiting for that easy D.

Well, not all of us—not everyone seeks the D, of course. But for those of us who like D, even crave it, you have to sympathize with the president. No one wants to work too hard for the D.

Except maybe for this woman:

D is very personal, no question. For my part, I would argue that most D—whether the sort that’s hard-won or the kind that just pops up in front of one’s face—is a treasure. In any case, if you want the D to be easy, it’s best to have as much as possible on hand. Which, when you think about it, makes the part of Trump’s tweet bemoaning an influx of people somewhat confusing—isn’t the easiness of D directly correlated to how much D is available?

But who am I to question our president’s logic? He got where he is today due to his history of grabbing P, so I, for one, trust that he has just as firm a grip on D. And what a show of support for the gay community! Some might call Trump’s D shout-out overly subtle, but don’t worry, POTUS: We see you. And we are here to help. ;)

Of course, you have to wonder if we’re at a point in history where the American people are prepared for a commander in chief being so open about his desire for D, easy or otherwise. Luckily, his squad is ever ready to give him a hand:

Whatever happens, it’s clear we live in exciting times! Loads of stodgy old democratic norms are being rubbed out every day, and now, only three weeks deep into his term, Trump is continuing his jackhammer-like pace of change by expressing his impatience for that most everyman of prizes, the D. In the old days, unfettered by the frustrations of P.C. restraint, D was so easy to come by. I join with our leader in his rousing call to #MAGA and return to that fertile era, and I hope you will too. The decision is easy.